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Are you looking for Unique Walking Tours around London? This Meetup brings together a fabulous community of Londoners who want to get together for the love of good times and good walks! From unique tours after Saucy Secrets in Southwark to Photography experiences in a Cemetery or a secret Indian Food tour of Brick Lane We will find you the best events and get-togethers to get to know London and new friends around. Stick around and see you in one of the tours or walks!

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The Cinematic Harry Potter Experience with Boat Ride

Romilly Street, London, W1D 5AF

Please note! It is required that you book your tickets through the link provided (RSVP is not enough) For Tickets and More Info click here (https://www.funzing.com/su/acoi2) Immerse yourself in this audio visual cinematic experience. See London through the wizarding world of Harry Potter on a 2-hour adventure around the city, followed by a cruise on the river. Take part in London's most exciting cinematic experience. Combing everything there is to know about Harry Potter with trivia, facts, reenactments and movie clips. Finally see Harry Potter's London on the walls and landmarks on which they originated. Take part in amazing immersive and interactive games and quizzes, and have your O.W.L to be tested. Use your knowledge of spells to outwit your guide, and seek out inspirations and film locations used in the blockbuster Harry Potter movies on a 2-hour walking tour of London. Take a magical tour to legendary locations, such as the real Diagon Alley. Get stunning views from the bridge that was destroyed by the Death Eaters in "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince." Cruise down the famous river Thames that winds through London and relax and soak in the skyline, taking the same route Harry and his cohorts took on their broomsticks. For Tickets and More Info click here (https://www.funzing.com/su/acoi2)

Indulge on a Mayfair Chocolate Ecstasy Tour

Conduit Street, London, W1S 2XG

Please note! It is required that you book your tickets through the link provided (RSVP is not enough) For Tickets and More Info click here (https://www.funzing.com/su/zCojx) See a sweeter side of historical London and indulge in chocolate from the finest boutiques that have spoilt generations of Londoners and visitors, some for more than a hundred years. The Mayfair Chocolate Tour is the Chocolate Ecstasy Tour Group's “traditional” tour. It’s a move through time from classic English fondants (favourite of our Queen) to Europe’s most-awarded chocolatier with unusual creations incorporating beer, spices or just a spin on a classic English dessert like the irresistible Banoffee Pie. As well as the Queen’s favourites you’ll also sample treats from the spiritual home of author Roald Dahl. Before you start exploring and learning about the streets and arcades of the city the group will sit inside one of London’s most beautiful and unusual locations for a rich hot chocolate and pastry. As you sit and savour your guide will share with you all their knowledge of the production and history of chocolate. Each of the tours is as much about local history as it is about chocolate. Your guides have gone to great lengths to understand the areas they will take you to and will be sharing many fascinating stories and obscure facts to entertain and enlighten you en route. With small groups and personable guides it should always feel like conversations with a knowledgeable new friend. Most importantly, Joanne guarantees you will feel completely chocolate-ed out by the end of the tour. Some guests start to falter along the way but not to worry as your guides helpfully provide crackers to help you try more! This isn’t about gluttony, in fact, it might not be the most chocolate you’ve ever eaten in one period. Because everything you'll be tasting is of very high quality it’s much more satisfying than candy bars that are more readily available. Relationships With The Places You'll Visit The founder of the tours, Jennifer Earle, is a passionate member of the fine chocolate community and part of her aim is to promote the workers in the fine chocolate industry, from the hard working cocoa farmers to the talented artisans who create the wonderful treats you will sample during the tasting tour. For Tickets and More Info click here (https://www.funzing.com/su/zCojx)

Grand London Bike Tour

Waterloo Road, London, SE1 8SW

Please note! It is required that you book your tickets through the link provided (RSVP is not enough) For Tickets and More Info click here (https://www.funzing.com/su/ZrkJk) Our Grand London Tour takes you to some of the best known sights in London and visits some of the most famous buildings in the world!! You've probably seen these buildings in the movies and text books - now is your chance to get up close to these iconic landmarks. We meet in an area of London called Waterloo. There we will get you fitted with your helmet and we’ll head straight over to the City of Westminster. Now one of London's most popular boroughs, Westminster is home to some of the city's oldest buildings and famous landmarks, including Big Ben, The Palace of Westminster, and Westminster Abbey. We'll go through all the cool back streets to get from place to place, eventually making our way up to the Royal Parks to visit The Queen. We’ll take a short break at Covent Garden; the heart of London's West End and home to some of the city's most eccentric street performers! From Trafalgar Square to St Paul’s Cathedral, we’ll cycle through the City of London - the famous square mile - taking in a few lesser known sights that you might have missed on your own. After we take a gentle ride back Waterloo stopping of at the famous London Eye and Banksy Tunnel before we end. For Tickets and More Info click here (https://www.funzing.com/su/ZrkJk)

London Wildlife Photography Tour

Hampton Court

Please note! It is required that you book your tickets through the link provided (RSVP is not enough) For Tickets and More Info click here (https://www.funzing.com/su/oIlZF) Starting at Hampton Court you will be guided, for 3 hours, to some of the best wildlife views in London. Mainly exploring Bushy Park, you will be shown how to photograph: Deer, Swans, Geese, Herons, Squirrels, Ducks and whatever else that season has to offer. Learn how to approach wildlife and get the best possible photographs. All ability levels can join this tour. Any type of camera / mobile equipment can be used but cameras with a zoom lens will have more options when photographing. There will also be professional, quality photographs of you taken, during the tour, as a memorable keepsake. All photographs will be emailed to you, free of charge. For Tickets and More Info click here (https://www.funzing.com/su/oIlZF)

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Jack the Ripper Tour and Fish & Chips meal

Aldgate High Street, London, EC3N 1AH

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