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Vision Statement:
Bethesda Amateur Filmmakers A to Z’s vision is Action! We get things done. Even though we’re not professionals, we’re committed to producing good quality short films that tell compelling stories. We encourage all of our member’s creativity and enable them to learn through hands-on experience while having fun.

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to produce a short film every two months. In order to make this happen we will have a dedicated leadership team responsible for managing our short film projects and dedicated group members that take responsibility for production, post production and acting roles.

Our Executive Organizers:
Veronica Restrepo and Regina Weitz will serve as project managers for all short films. They will be responsible for scheduling the film production timeline, making final screenplay selections, assigning production, acting and post production roles and making sure members carry out their duties within the assigned timelines. They are also willing to take on any role necessary to complete the project.

Our Production and Acting Team:
You! The Bethesda Amateur Filmmakers A to Z member are the only source of our production and acting team. Members will be allowed the opportunity to volunteer for positions and acting roles in each of our short films. Veronica and Regina will make every effort to accommodate group member's interests while ensuring film positions are adequately staffed. When you volunteer for a position, you mean it. You’re there to see the final screenplay come to life.

Our Filmmaking Process:

At Bethesda Amateur Filmmakers A to Z we have decided to break up the film production process into four phases. They are:

Phase 1: Consists of calls for screenplays. We can't make good short films without compelling stories to tell. The call for screenplays is announced as an event in our group's calendar and submissions are always on-line, via the "More" and "Files" options of our Meetup webpage. Note: we don't meet in person for this event.

Phase 2: We meet in person and make a story selection from the submitted screenplays. We also will assign production, post production and acting roles at this time. A member must be present at this meeting to be assigned a role.

Interim period between phases 2 and 3: directors, production team members and actors prepare for filming day. This means getting storyboards ready, acquiring props, costumes and equipment, actors learning their lines, finding shooting locations, etc.

Phase 3: We meet in person and shoot the short film. The location(s) will be determined by the script. All members involved will be prepared to start shooting and remain at the location until their duties are complete. This will be a long day. Shooting scenes takes time, between 6-12 hours, be prepared. We may also charge anywhere from $5-$20 for this day in order to buy food or any props/supplies we may need.

Interim period between phases 3 and 4: The editing and sound production/sound effects teams work with the raw footage to put the film together. Actors maybe called in to record dialogue that wasn't captured well or to record voice over parts. At this point, a new call for screenplays is announced so that writers can submit stories for the next short film.

Phase 4: The editing and sound team submit the final cut of the short film and we meet in person to view it together. During this meeting we'll discuss lessons learned from the filmmaking process and get ready for our next film. During this meeting we'll also choose the script that will be used for the next short film, assign production, post production and acting roles and the process starts all over again...


This group is about creating short films. We will be doing it all - drafting scripts, finding locations, acting, producing, filming, editing, and having fun while doing it. To be a successful member of this group, you must be open minded and accept constructive feedback – we’re not interested in prima divas. So, if you’re creative, a team player, willing to be a jack-of-all trades and jump in for any production role needed (lighting, camera man, sound person, etc...), we’d love to have you join us!

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