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Are you tired of walking on eggshells with your relatives on the other side of the political divide? Do you wonder how on earth good, smart people can believe things that seem so wrong to you -- or do you wonder how so many people can be evil or ignorant? Do you want to do something about the nasty polarization in our country, without watering down your own positions?

Then join!

We are affiliated with the national, grass-roots Better Angels movement to detoxify and heal American political polarization -- see https://www.better-angels.org Our name comes from Abraham Lincoln's first inaugural address, just before the start of the Civil War ( https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/31631-we-are-not-enemies-but-friends-we-must-not-be ).

Our main activities are organizing and moderating several types of events:
(1) skills workshops for learning how to discuss politics with people with whom you disagree, such as your relatives at Thanksgiving,
(2) Red/Blue workshops structured so that participants come to understand one another's perspectives and identify any common ground, without trying to change each other's views, and
(3) debates in a new format aimed at learning, rather than winning.

In addition, we choose other ways to carry out our mission, including by
(a) getting trained to lead workshops,
(b) working together, Reds and Blues, to tackle those local issues on which we agree,
(c) contributing to Better Angels Media, which provides balanced, accurate, non-inflammatory facts and opinions; or
(d) helping to run the national Better Angels organization.

Upcoming events (1)

Better Angels Red/Blue Workshop

Bethlehem Public Library

An innovative workshop designed to bring together people of different political perspectives in a structured conversation. Goals include: to better understand the beliefs and experiences of others while also sharing your own, to find commonalities and understand differences, and to bring what we learn back to our communities. Who can come? Anyone interested in having better conversations with people on the other side of the political aisle. For the purposes of this workshop, we will ask you to define yourself as “Red” (a person who leans conservative and tends to vote Republican) or “Blue” (a person who leans liberal and tends to vote Democratic). Independents are welcome, but you will be asked to identify as red-leaning or blue-leaning. We also have a certain number of observer spaces available. REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Please indicate whether you are a Red or Blue participant or an Observer. FREE event, light lunch provided. Presented by Better Angels, a bipartisan non-profit citizen's movement whose goal is to unify our divided nation. Sign up here: https://bit.ly/2Ztx9Z2

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Better Angels Skills Workshop

Guilderland Public Library

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