What we're about

For various reasons not all of us will be lucky to get a MBA from a renowned B School, neither all of us will be mentored by exceptional Leaders,nor will all of us be able to attend Ted talks to watch Simon Sinek in action

But what we can relatively realistically and easily do is to reach out to other Leaders and Managers in the local community and harness collective wisdom and improve our leadership skills by....

• Passionately sharing our own leadership achievements,mistakes, experiences and lessons

• Hearing from people who have diverse leadership and management experience than us

Our founding beliefs for this meet up are that,

• The content is driven and prioritized by the attendees

• Irrespective of experience and role title, everyone has something to share in terms of Leadership and Management knowledge and insights.

If you an existing or an aspiring leader/manager in the Christchurch area then you should join this meet up to learn from and contribute to the Christchurch Leadership and Management community.

The only requirement for this meet up, is that every member needs to bring 1 piece of insight to share and 1 piece of insight to seek.

The Meet up format is based on two simple themes

• The "How did I " theme. I am keen to share a piece of experience on a leadership problem that I solved.

• The "How can I " theme. I am keen to learn others' experience and seek guidance on solving a leadership problem that I am currently (or have) facing .

The format is loosely inspired from Lean Coffee ( http://agilecoffee.com/leancoffee/ ) format and will constitute of multiple micro talks and discourses.

A typical Better Leadership meet up would be along the lines of the following example -->

1. Everyone contributes a (more) topic to the "how did I " theme and "how can I " theme - 5 minutes

2. Everyone dot votes (max 3 votes each per theme) on what they want to share and hear on, in that meet up - 5 minutes 3. Top 3 topics from both themes are selected for a peer sharing and discourse sessions

4. Chosen "How did I" topics are delivered by attendees through a 3 minute lightning talk followed by 2 minutes of Q & A each - 15 minutes

5. Chosen "How can I " topics are discussed by attendees through 5 minute discourse each - 15 minutes

6. 10 minute reflection session where we go around the group and everyone share their experience and learning from that meet up 7. Un-discussed topics will roll over to the next meet up and are re-voted again

This might sound intense but we have a track of running similar sessions before in our previous organisations and found them immensely useful . Hence one of the key reasons behind making this meet up public. Our endeavor is to create a relaxed and focused forum where peer knowledge exchange and collective wisdom is give it's rightful place in the Leadership community.

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