What we're about

"Successful business professionals wanting to build their self-worth and increase their net-worth.

Building REAL sustainable wealth in the truest sense—deepening your relationships, having the energy to fulfill what's most important to you, consistently growing your finances, doing what you love, and having balance—is in direct proportion to your self-worth, and those are the results of this elite group.

This group is for you if you're tired of wearing a mask, saying everything is great, when it isn't, battling having to choose between love and career, always choosing the wrong partner, feeling empty and alone, but hiding behind everything being "perfect".

This is for you if you want a a place where you can be real and authentic, tell it like it is, while you're being truly seen and understood. This group will help you connect and get to know people who will embrace your strengths and weaknesses, mistakes and wins, flaws and perfections, EQUALLY, and you will be in a environment to learn and practice the only form of love that matters - unconditional love.

Everybody will have opportunities to practice and connect with each other, to build a community where we can be seen, appreciated and loved for exactly who we are, without holding back.

I'm known as the highest paid love and relationship mentor and consultant in the world, and most famous for crazy relationship turnarounds, producing results where others have failed. I have served clients from over 80 countries; celebrities, multi-millionaires and royalty.

This group for me is an opportunity to serve my community and make a real difference, creating an environment where we can talk about things we often try to hide because we feel guilt, shame, self-doubt, fear and unworthiness.

Each event will provide you with an opportunity to ask questions and be in the "hot-seat" while I do the same magic as I do with my private clients. Expect major life changes in 90 days or less. Please do not come to this group if you're not serious about making a real transformation in your self-worth and net-worth.

If you're not interested in stepping outside of your comfort-zone, then this group is not for you. This group is for serious individuals wanting to change their lifestyle, be loved for who they are and live congruently with their highest values.

If the event does not have a minimum of 10 attendees, the event will be rescheduled for the following date."



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