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Rock Climbing at Brooklyn Boulders


Brooklyn Boulders (BKB) is the city’s largest and possibly most popular rock-climbing gym, with a 22,000-square-foot area of endless different sets of 40 foot climbing walls (40 top-roped walls total), as well as a ton of challenging 12-15 foot bouldering walls.

To understand the difference between Climbing and Bouldering at BKB:

Bouldering is climbing done on short walls without ropes. The bouldering walls range from 10 to 15 feet high. All of BKB’s bouldering is above 12 inch thick pads to cushion any potential falls. There is no certification requirement for bouldering.

NOTE: Brooklyn Boulders requires that you become belay certified in order to belay on our top ropes. Everyone who wishes to belay must pass a certification test to demonstrate that they can handle the ropes properly. The test just requires basic knowledge of strapping a harness, tying knots, and securely demonstrating a belay. If you already have a belay certification at BKB, just bring your card and you are set.


$18 group rate for gym pass unlimited use of all walls for that day PLUS gear rentals also being included in that (shoes, harness). You can ofcourse bring your own gear also but that does not discount the price.
Payment will be made at the gym, no advanced payment required.
Please wear comfortable clothes that are STRETCHY! Do not wear anything that restricts full range of movement. Shorts/Tshirt/Yoga pants are the easiest, this is indoors and temps are warm inside. Climbing shoes will be rented. They have changing rooms and lockers/cubbies for use. Water fountains are also available but bring a bottle to fill up.
If this is your first time at BKB, you will have to sign their personal waiver upon arrival.
Please feel free to message/email me with any questions.

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