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~Beyond Divorced~

We are so excited to be able to start this group of what we consider "FRIENDS WITH A PURPOSE!" Separation/divorce, starting a new career, moving into a new house, or whatever life change you're going through, we all know how difficult it can be when you go it alone.

Our purpose is to come together and explore new paths to happiness through entertaining, informative and FUN ways! We will provide many fun activities and opportunities for growth including...

- Moving Forward & Moving ON Celebrations

-Divorce & Dating Support

- Profile Makeover Events

- Coed Conversion (meeting of the female & male minds)

- Singles Mingles

- Dance parties

... and so much more!!!

This is a great way to meet positive people, share experiences, get emotional support to help each other successfully navigate through our individual journeys and most of all HAVE FUN while doing it! From hurt to healing, we are all in this together!

We gladly welcome your attendance, friendship, suggestions, and feedback. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact any of the organizers through our respective email addresses or at an event.

Please take a moment to review our guidelines before completing your profile.

Group Guidelines

1) Profile Pictures: Please post a recent, identifiable, single picture of yourself on your profile. This allows the organizers and members to recognize you at meetup events. Group shots, old photos, scenic pics or other images will not be permitted.

2) RSVP's: Please change your RSVP to "NO" if you can't attend an event. This allows our waiting list people to fill your slot. Our events are popular, and we would like everyone to have a chance to enjoy them. No-shows will not be permitted to sign up for subsequent events with limited attendance.

3) Wait lists: Please know, if you are on the wait list , there is a good chance you will be able to come to an event. Meetup automatically changes your RSVP to "Yes" when a spot becomes available.

4). Plus 1's: This option is not available for our home parties and other events with limited space, like Coed Conversion. Your friends are most welcome to join us at the other events, but we still encourage them to join MFWF's.

3) Home Parties: We require new members to attend a public event before coming to another member's home. For safety purposes we like to meet you at a public place first.

4) Event Fees: If there is an event fee, please be considerate and pay for it - even if something comes up at the time of the event. Organizers and event hosts occasionally use their personal money to make reservations or bookings and count on attendees' payments for reimbursement.

5) Slander: Members and organizers of Beyond Divorced are going through difficult transitions, and we want this to be a safe group to come to for enjoyment and support. Please do not hurt anyone with gossip or harsh words. If you have a concern, we ask that you email the individual member instead of writing it in the conversation box for everyone to see.

6) Alcohol Consumption: Please keep your drinking within safe and legal limits while at an event.

7) Personal Information: For your safety, we strongly suggest limiting sharing personal information online. If you can not attend an event, changing your RSVP to "No" is sufficient. We also suggest refraining from posting your last name. Initials are fine.

8) Members undergoing Divorce: This is a highly stressful time in the lives of our members and we would like our Meetup group to be a safe and peaceful way to make new friends and to recover. We ask that only one spouse join our group during the divorce process.

9) Relationships: We sincerely ask that our members respect people who are dating, as a couple, and refrain from interfering in their relationships.

10) Group Reputation: It is important to maintain a good relationship with the establishments we frequent. Please conduct yourself respectfully and tip fairly.

Here's to moving forward with friendship, integrity and safety!


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Divorce School- Moving Forward Beyond Divorce

Online event


We are going through times of uncertainty, but those going through the divorce process have even more stress to endure. With so many unknowns about your children, your finances, and your future, it can be very scary. We have felt your pain and understand what you're going through both personally and professionally. We are teaming together to help you get smarter and saner in these tough times. Please join family law attorney - Allison Madden, financial advisor- Dave Behar, and certified life coach- Lucy Dadlani at Divorce School. These classes are being offered at no charge during the quarantine. We welcome anyone who is thinking about or going through any phase of the divorce process.

Parenting during the divorce process
Preparing paperwork for divorce
Talking to your attorney- Do(s) and Don’t(s)

Financial markets and how they affect your personal finances
Pensions and Retirement plans
How a simple budget can give you a sigh of relief

Finding peace and happiness in the midst of this storm
Navigating the singles world
Virtual dating during the quarantine

Spaces are limited to 20 singles. Sign up soon!

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Divorce School

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