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An Impact Group that takes all Learning beyond school towards positive Change. We are a motley group of like-minded people with diverse backgrounds and life journeys!

We meet 3-4 times a month within Bangalore city, discuss possible areas of common interest; work & contribute in our leisure time and have fun in creating a better world! Sometimes we meet offline (announced on our whatsapp group) to discuss some actions we ve been deliberating upon, truly reflecting the passion of some people!

This year (2016), we have mutually agreed to channel all our energies into one location-one school at Dommasandra's DMM Dharmasagara Govt. aided School with a single-minded purpose - to engage 1 school, attempt maximum impact, and showcase in form of case-studies on various initiatives undertaken.

-- make a govt. school a landmark for fostering the spirit of innovation & creativity

-- build a green campus that showcases all sustainable tech

-- build a unique school library space that fosters the love for reading not just in students but in entire local community

-- empower the local ecosystem through collaboration & self-help groups

-- a maker-space enviable even by Fablabs standards

-- summer camp to foster fun, teamwork & can-do attitude

-- career counseling program

-- teacher Orientation & Development program

-- free b&b facilities for all teaching enthusiasts on sabbatical to stay & teach these kids

What makes this project special is that 1300 rural kids have an equal chance to get a great education comparative to the 10-12 international I.B. schools in this sarjapur corridor. This round goes to the underdogs!!

Join us and be the Change. We need every friend.

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