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If you want to learn and share in the ongoing discoveries of conscious sexuality, then you are welcome to listen, question and share. When we adapt well in our sexuality, (the impulses that all living things have in common,) that ability to adapt improves the rest of our lives. It includes learning from the past but not relying on old habits of mind and traditional expectations. Going beyond Tantra involves freeing ourselves from authority, the limitations of scripture, teachers or superstitions that stifle our self-inquiry.

The flowering of any philosophy or self-inquiry is not only to discover what’s best in life but also to adapt well even when the emotions are intense.

We explore consent culture and with a benign sex positive worldview. In these talks we will discuss the pro's and cons of spiritual practice including altered states, meditation and drug use. We compare what we value in life and love to clarify what deserves our time. We explore the value of daring truthfulness in our relationships. Learn to spot errors like unnecessarily destructive beliefs and habits. We celebrate the trial and error of any new discovery. Learn why it's important to develop intelligence along with the intensified feeling of aliveness that comes with new experience. Learn how, in the midst of discovery, we can avoid useless strife.

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