• How to Build a Good Agile Team

    Apex Learning

    Agenda: ======== 6:30 Food and Social Time (food sponsored by Plaster Group) 7:00 Main Program - How to Build a Good Agile Team 8:15 Retrospective 8:30 Adjourn Description: ============ Agile values and principles promote self-organized teams and high communication. However, not all people enjoy or are comfortable working on agile teams. We’ve all known the archetype software developer that enjoys programming solo and avoids conversation, or the visionary leader that won’t deviate from her plan under any circumstances, or a project planner that is frustrated when estimates change halfway through a project. A framework for 21st Century learning emphasizes the 4 Cs – Communication, Collaboration, Critical thinking, and Creativity. These values are now being taught in schools, with the goal to prepare students to become successful knowledge workers. We will explore how this framework can be applied to coaching new agile team members who are unfamiliar with agile, or it is pushing them outside of their comfort zone. We will use Liberating Structures, or something similar, to surface and refine ideas around this subject. BIO: ==== Matt Sullivan enjoys working with people to help them succeed and is energized by deconstructing complex problems to map out next steps. Over the last 5 years has consulted as a product manager and team lead for companies in hospitality, entertainment, finance, e-commerce and others. This meeting is brought to you by: Plaster Group & Apex Learning