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The BEST Meetup - Beyond Endless Small Talk --- goes beyond talking about what you do for a living, updating people about what your kids are doing, where you've traveled or are planning to travel, food you've eaten, can't eat, or won't eat, or what you just bought.

This social/dining/intellectual discussion group is for those who want to RELAX, grab a bite/adult beverage*, have fun, and take a slightly deeper dive into an exploration of wide-ranging topics as they relate to the "human condition" in a safe, non-judgmental environment. We exist to thrive in the world behind "curtains" and "walls"...to ask questions, share fears, and explore our "hidden" human selves in a challenging world.


Respectful, empathetic, open, kind, forgiving, & funny people are all welcome. Painfully guarded people should NOT attend. However, if you're "guarded" or a "perfectionist" and would like to let your "wall" down...please join in.

The REAL you is always welcome.

*DINING LOCATIONS: While I'm living in Lancaster, we will meet at establishments throughout the Central Ohio area that have delicious food and adult beverages available. If you have a suggested location, please let me know. Hoping to meet at least once a month.

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