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The Bhagavad Gita is a text which tells us about ourselves. Studying it with a group is for the one who says 'I am spiritual,' but struggles to integrate that into daily life. It is for the yoga-meditator, or devotee who may feel stuck due to lack of structure or regular support in their practices. As a text, it helps initially by giving us a clear vision from which to live a life based on spiritual growth. In time, it helps to remove false ideas centered on the self which limit our sense of happiness.

Our intention is to find a small group of people(5-8) who are interested in regular(twice a month) study/social time/food on Saturday afternoon or Sunday mornings. The subject matters pursued in the Gita are self-knowledge as well as karma yoga and meditation as preparation for that knowledge. Importantly, this study is not about a belief in a theoretical afterlife. It is about developing an understanding of what is taught for one's own happiness in this life.

This Gita Home Study was given verbally by Pujya Swami Dayananda in one of his 3.5 year training courses. In its now written form, it is meant to simulate having a teacher present with you through the study. The accolades and awards swamiji received in his lifetime are endless, but to keep it simple and personally meaningful for you, I would recommend you look up his “Spiritual heritage of India” series on youtube. If you find these talks compelling, you would be an excellent candidate for this group.

The model of this group is that post-reading discussions are designed to bring out intended meaning as opposed to being based on an argumentative dialog. We ask questions like, what does it mean, how does it apply to me and my life. It is presumed that the knowledge given is correct and we will try to make it personally meaningful while enjoying a nice lunch.

For more details, an informational site is at http://www.gitastudygroup.com

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