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Welcome to our Meetup! This group for anyone who wants to be inspired learn and incorporate Bhakti practices into their lives. To fulfill this, Bhakti Yoga Vancouver facilitates Vedic educational programs that offer dynamic and contemporary opportunities to learn ancient Vedic wisdom and the spiritual science of Bhakti.

We are so excited to share our favourite activity with you... Kirtan! Kirtan is a form of mantra meditation that involves group singing accompanied by beautiful instruments from India: a harmonium, mirdanga drum, and kartals. Since we will be singing together, don't worry, you don't have to sound like a superstar. Just sing with your heart and trust us, you'll feel the powerful effects of sound vibration. Kirtan can be described as blissful, transcendental, and very healing.

We are now offering Kirtan once a month, in Vancouver. Come relax, chant, unlock the potential of your own voice for meditation, and learn the sweetness of Bhakti Yoga. Delicious vegan snacks always provided following the Kirtan. Excited to see you there!

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