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The Origin of Papyrus, Paper, Books and the Bible by John Gaudet
Note: Reservations must be made through: This illustrated presentation traces the invention, production and utilization of papyrus in ancient Egypt to the development of papermaking in medieval Europe. Many notable, early texts will be surveyed that utilized papyrus and paper. These developments represent one of the most astonishing and exciting stories in the history of the world; a tale of human endeavor that spans a period from the Neolithic almost to the time of Gutenberg; an interval that includes more than three-fourths of recorded history. Attendees will have the opportunity to see and feel modern examples of ancient Egyptian paper used to make the first Christian Bibles as well as samples of ancient parchment and handmade pulp paper. John Gaudet, Ph.D. is the author of Papyrus, the Plant that Changed the World and The Pharaoh's Treasure, the Origin of Paper and the Rise of Western Civilization.

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