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The focus of this Meetup group is to foster knowledge in the area of Big data and AI/ML/DL. Our goal is to share and educate people on varied topics within the Big data and Artificial Intelligence space.

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Software Professionals - Anyone curious and interested in learning about Big data and AI/ML/DL.

It would range from people who are just curious George to folks who want to take Big data as profession/career.

Most of the sessions would be Webinar so location should not be a constraint for people to join.

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Our passion is to help the world be more informed through these knowledge sharing and education sessions

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This group is to foster learning of Big data and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Past events (161)

Using ML Observability to improve AI Acceptance &Safety: Components & Challenges

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Cloud Cost Optimization FREE certification

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Data Science Bootcamp

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Advancing into Data Analytics from Excel to Python

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