BDA sponsored by GridGain: Getting Started with Apache Ignite


Only 60 spots available. Please keep you RSVP up to date to minimise disappointment.

Registration opens at 5:30pm and close at 6:15pm, sharp. Food and beverages between 6pm and 6:15pm and late comers cannot be admitted.

We have two sharing sessions:

Stephen Leung, Director of Solution Architect Asia Pacific for GridGain: " Getting Started with Apache Ignite as a Distributed Database"

Guenjun Yoo, Head of Technical Architect APAC for Gitlab: “Introduce the Gitlab with a demo of Auto DevOps”

About the Talk of GridGain: This talk will feature Apache Ignite, an open source memory-centric distributed database, caching, and processing platform used for transactional, analytical and streaming workloads -- delivering in-memory speeds at petabyte scale.

Apache Ignite native persistence is a distributed ACID and SQL-compliant store that turns Apache Ignite into a full-fledged distributed SQL database. It allows you to have 0-100% of your data in RAM with guaranteed durability using a broad range of storage technologies, have immediate availability on restart, and achieve high volume read and write scalability with low latency using SQL and ACID transactions.