• Applications of Deep Learning in AgTech; Solving World hunger one byte at a time

    Sydney's leading meetup for Big Data, Analytics, AI and machine learning! Due to availability of venues (and also speakers) we now have the privilege of hearing from Dr Maryam Montazerolghaem (PhD) who is a Data Scientist at REA group and a casual academic at the University of Sydney School of Business. (Date has changed to Wednesday 18th and venue will be announced shortly) Dr Montazerolghaem has a background in implementing advanced statistical and machine learning tools and algorithms to support researchers, and in engaging the research community with data analysis services. Her PhD focused on the development of a spatiotemporal climate forecasting model for Australia based on local rainfall data and for agricultural management, using a range of statistical programs such as MATLAB, R and ArcGIS. Speaker 2 will be Mark Burnard, a well-known keynote speaker who will be sharing a preview of his closing keynote for the Big Data Asia conference next month in Singapore, titled "Solving world hunger, one byte at a time". This is an inspirational message solidly grounded in reality, and provides a unique angle on the work we do every day as data professionals. Please note, this meetup is still open for sponsorship which will provide the sponsor an opportunity to present to[masked] highly influential experts and aspirants in all things data and analytics. Please contact us via meetup messages if you are interested or if someone you know should be! We look forward to seeing you again in September!

  • "Data Science is Different Now", and CEO of Anodot!!!

    Westpac "The Arena" Level 1

    We are privileged for this Big Data Analytics meetup to host not one but two rock stars of the Australian and global Data Science, AI and ML communities! Anthony Tockar will be presenting his keynote "Data Science is Different Now". In addition, we are pleased to present David Drai, co-founder and CEO of leading ML platform Anodot! Both speakers will be presenting 20-25 minutes, plus networking opportunities, with food and drinks provided by our host and sponsor, Westpac. We look forward to seeing you on what will be a truly unforgettable evening. Speaker 1: Anthony Tockar: "Data Science is Different Now" Abstract: Since the term "data science" was coined in 2008, practitioners have been trying to define it. Over the past few years, a reasonably clear definition and role has materialised... and is already obsolete. In this talk, Anthony will explain what data science looks like today, which skills are more in-demand and how to future-proof your career in data analytics. Bio: Anthony Tockar is director and cofounder at Verge Labs, a new type of AI company focused on the applied side of machine learning. A jack-of-all-trades, he has worked on problems across insurance, technology, telecommunications, loyalty, sports betting and even neuroscience. He qualified as an actuary, then moved into data science, completing an MS in Analytics at the prestigious Northwestern University. After hitting the headlines with his posts on data privacy at Neustar, he returned to Sydney to practice as a data scientist and cofounded the Minerva Collective, a not-for-profit focused on using data for social good, as well as multiple meetup groups. His key missions are to extend the reach and impact of data science to help people, and to assist Australian businesses to become more data driven. Speaker 2: David Drai, "The future of AI ops, Data ops, and what lies between" Abstract: AI is taking the world by storm. Many types of operations are evolving into AI-driven tasks using rich data, which is the air breathing life into this revolution. David is the CEO of Anodot, a company pioneering the AI transformation across the world’s leading companies. David will share his vision of running proactive companies, share interesting stats and real-life use cases based on his vast experience in the field. Bio: David is CEO and co-founder of Anodot, where he is committed to helping data-driven companies illuminate business blind spots with AI analytics. He previously was CTO at Gett, an app-based transportation service used in hundreds of cities worldwide. Prior to Gett, he co-founded Cotendo, a content delivery network and site acceleration services provider that was acquired by Akamai Technologies, where he also served as CTO. He graduated from Technion - Israel Institute of Technology with a BSc in computer science.

  • #BeerOps Syd Mid-Year Celeb 2019 – 2 July (Tues)

    All Hands Brewing House

    ***All tickets via EVENTBRITE. Free BeerOps tickets here: https://beeropssyd2019-2ndjuly.eventbrite.com.au*** IT'S BACK!!! BeerOps – Australia’s Largest DevOps & Data Networking Event! “By registering for this event you agree to have your details shared with sponsors who may contact you after the event” 1000+ engineers in attendance Free entry Sponsor giveaways Prize competitions Complimentary food Beer, wine and soft drinks all on the sponsor tab. Networking fun Jobseeker shout outs! Here’s our #BeerOps mid-year schedule for July 2019: When: SYDNEY - 2nd of July (Tues); 5:30 PM - Registration / 6:00 PM - Event Start Where: All Hands Brewing House (22 The Promenade King Street Wharf Sydney, NSW 2000) Same deal as always, the event remains not for profit, with all net proceeds going to some great charitable causes. COMPETITIONS TO JOIN *Twitter* During the course of the event: Follow @meetupmadness and tweet a picture with one of our awesome sponsors. Awesome PRIZES await those who send us the BEST tweets! *New Event Name* We’re looking at upgrading the #BeerOps event name to make it even better, but, to what?? We’d love to hear your suggestions! https://forms.gle/JBoFAUKZv4rX5D4c8 FREE TICKETS ON EVENTBRITE: https://beeropssyd2019-2ndjuly.eventbrite.com.au MORE EVENT INFO ON OUR WEBSITE: https://meetupmadness.io/events/beerops-syd-mid-year-celeb-2019-2-july-tues/ FOR SPONSORING OPPORTUNITIES: Please email stephen [AT} meetupmadness [DOT} com [DOT} au or theadminfairy [AT} meetupmadness [DOT} com [DOT} au ~~~All attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers at our meetup are required to agree with our CODE OF CONDUCT (https://meetupmadness.io/code-of-conduct/)~~~ Grab your free ticket quick, and see you there! Stephen, Gerhard, Ricardo, Brad, Amanda & Jill

  • Data Showdown 2019

    37 Reservoir St

    Must Register Here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/data-showdown-2019-tickets-56393984927 Judges * Dr. Eugene Dubossarsky, Director, Principal Trainer, Presciient * Mitra Heravizadeh, Head of Strategy & Architecture, AMP * Kieran Clulow, Data Engineering Director, IAG * TBC * TBC Format * 7 Teams of 2-3 people, presenting their data solution to an audience of 800 people. * 7 min per presentation + questions * Panel of judges, scoring each presentation * At the end of the evening Australia's best data team announced! Do you want to share your data solution at the event? Any teams looking to present a data solution at the event please email [masked] with your presentation and solution summary, along with the benefit it will provide to the audience, by the 19th of April 2019. If you'd like to discuss in further detail you can also call Gerhard on[masked]. Rules for Presentation / Judging Criteria * No Vendor Pitches * Present a Data Solution which your team have worked on, stating its use case or the business problem it solves. * Potential topic areas: Big Data, data integration, analytics, ML, AI * Contestants will be judged on the value that their contribution delivers. It is therefore important that they spell out the relevant KPIs, and compare with benchmarks where appropriate. * Contestants will be judged on KPI performance, but also on the appropriateness of the KPI, and the context of measurement (such as benchmarks). * Where sophisticated technology such as AI / Machine Learning are used, contestants are encouraged to explain the need for the sophistication, and the advantage over simpler techniques. * Contestants will be judged on APPROPRIATE sophistication. * Finally, contestants will be judged on how engaging they are in their presentation style. Call for sponsors * If you'd like to sponsor the Data Showdown please reach out to [masked] or call Stephen on[masked] * ROI: Full list of registrations for marketing purposes, Banners on Stage, 1 minute stage time to pitch to the audience, logo digital banner and event pages. This is a sponsor funded event your registration details will be shared with sponsors for marketing purposes. Also please read our code of conduct: https://meetupmadness.io/code-of-conduct/

  • Unlocking the secrets in your DNA using Machine learning and Cloud-computing

    Genomic produces more data than Astronomy, twitter, and YouTube combined, having caused research in this discipline to leapfrog to the forefront of cloud technology. Dr. Denis Bauer provides an insider’s view into the development of a Spark-based machine learning framework that is able to find disease genes in the 3 billion letters of the genome. She will also cover serverless, which is pitted to become a $8 Billion market for its ability to accelerate software development, akin to how pre-fabrication has sped up the construction sector over bricklaying. Her serverless “search engine for the genome” enables researchers to use genome engineering for next-generation medicines. Speaker bio: Dr Denis Bauer is head of cloud computing, Bioinformatics, at Australia’s government research agency. She is an internationally recognised expert in machine learning and cloud-based genomics, having presented at AWS Summit, Canberra, 2018 and Open data science conference, India, 2018. Her achievements include developing open-source machine-learning cloud services that accelerate disease research, which is used by 10,000 researchers annually. Signup link: https://yn201904syddenisbauer.eventbrite.com.au

  • BeerOps 2018 Year-End Celebration, 4th of Dec - NEW VENUE!!!

    All Hands Brewing House

    BeerOps – Australia’s Largest DevOps & Data Networking Event! **EVENTBRITE REGISTRATION ONLY** https://meetupmadness-beerops-sydney-xmas-2018.eventbrite.com.au “By registering for this event you agree to have your details shared with sponsors who may contact you after the event” 500 + Engineers in Attendance Free entry Sponsor Giveaways Prize Competitions Complimentary Food Beer, Wine and Soft Drinks all on the Sponsor Tab. Networking Fun We’re Hiring Shout Outs! Here’s our #BeerOps YearEnd schedule for Dec 2018: SYDNEY - 4th of Dec (first Tuesday) All Hands Brewing House 22 The Promenade King Street Wharf Sydney, NSW[masked]:30 PM - Registration / 6:00 PM - Event Start **Same deal as always, the event remains not for profit, with all net proceeds going to some great charitable causes.** **EVENTBRITE REGISTRATION ONLY** https://meetupmadness-beerops-sydney-xmas-2018.eventbrite.com.au Grab your free ticket quick, and see you there! Stephen, Gerhard & Ricardo

  • Global trends in Data and Serverless Big Data and Data Science Pipeline

    After a long break we restart the Big Data Analytics meetups with not one but two interesting talks by Andrew Hinde, Enterprise Sales Director at Data Republic and Ashutosh Mishra, Lead Big Data Architect at Accenture. Agenda: 17:45 – Arrival and networking. Food and beverages will be served. 18:15 – Global trends in Data, Andrew Hinde (Data Republic) 18:45- Serverless Big Data and Serverless Data Science Pipe Line, Ashu and Deva (Accenture) Till 20:00 – Networking Global Trends in Data The talk will discuss the possibilities of data exchange as the next enabler of value What have we done and what can you do (Data Republic use cases) About the speaker: Andrew is the Enterprise Sales Director for Data Republic, the data exchange platform which has attracted investment from Westpac, ANZ, NAB and Qantas Loyalty. With a career spanning more than 20 years in enterprise systems, Andrew has held positions companies that support analytics, integration and ERP platforms. He joined Data Republic in 2017 and works to help organisations find a secure, simple way to collaborate on data projects and increase the value of their data. Serverless Big Data and Serverless Data Science Pipe Line. Serverless data lakes have gained a significant traction in the industry following the evolution of cloud providers and adoption of cloud by enterprises. Serverless data lakes provide a quorum shift from commercial distribution of open source Hadoop framework. This talk will focus on the following aspects of building a serverless data lake: 1. Accenture Data and Analytics 2. Why serverless data lake. 3. How to build data pipelines for real-time and batch data. 4. Data Science path to production About the speaker: Ashutosh Mishra is a lead big data architect in Accenture’s Applied Intelligence group. In his current role, Ashu leads big data architecture and delivery for building data lakes, advanced analytics and data governance on lakes. He is an experienced professional in streaming platforms (Kafka, Nifi), Cloud migration and Next-Gen MDM solutions based on Graph & No-SQL storage. Devanand Subbarayalu is a Senior data science manager. Deva leads the Data Science COE, Solution, Client delivery streams in Data science and Big data analytics in Accenture’s Applied Intelligence group. He is an experienced professional in machine learning, data science, artificial intelligence, leading client data science engagements, as well as developing and executing strategies for Accenture’s data science and artificial intelligence offerings. He holds several patents on Machine-Vision.

  • BDA sponsored by GridGain: Getting Started with Apache Ignite

    Only 60 spots available. Please keep you RSVP up to date to minimise disappointment. Registration opens at 5:30pm and close at 6:15pm, sharp. Food and beverages between 6pm and 6:15pm and late comers cannot be admitted. We have two sharing sessions: Stephen Leung, Director of Solution Architect Asia Pacific for GridGain: " Getting Started with Apache Ignite as a Distributed Database" Guenjun Yoo, Head of Technical Architect APAC for Gitlab: “Introduce the Gitlab with a demo of Auto DevOps” About the Talk of GridGain: This talk will feature Apache Ignite, an open source memory-centric distributed database, caching, and processing platform used for transactional, analytical and streaming workloads -- delivering in-memory speeds at petabyte scale. https://ignite.apache.org Apache Ignite native persistence is a distributed ACID and SQL-compliant store that turns Apache Ignite into a full-fledged distributed SQL database. It allows you to have 0-100% of your data in RAM with guaranteed durability using a broad range of storage technologies, have immediate availability on restart, and achieve high volume read and write scalability with low latency using SQL and ACID transactions.

  • Building Snowflake and whats new with Big Data SQL

    Location visible to members

    After an extended break for the group we are kicking it off late in the new year with a talk from the Mike, co-founder of Snowflake and Amir from Amazon. A big thank you to AWS will be hosting us for this event and sponsoring food and drink! Hope you can join us. NOTE: You will need to bring a photo ID with you to enter AWS' offices that is corresponds to your name on Meetup. Please make sure that you have it with you when you arrive. 1) How we built Snowflake: Mike Robbins; Snowflake, Co-Founder and CTO. Snowflake enables organisations to integrate digital real time data sources to drive consistent customer decisions across channels. Mike will introduce why Snowflake came to exist, take us through the Snowflake schema registry, why this was critical to getting things right and how it then drove the architecture design. 2) SQL on BigData ( Presto,Athena, Hive on MR and Tez,Spark,Phoenix/Hbase ) and what about streams?: Amir Shenavandeh; AWS, Client Support Engineer. There are different ways to process big data: using Java to write map/reduce programs, using Scala or Python to write Spark code, or using SQL. SQL is the most popular and easier to use to query big data especially among the data scientists and big data engineers, and also most companies already have in house SQL expertise that they can leverage with minimum additional training. In this talk, we will look at the different SQL engines for big data: Presto/Athena, Spark SQL, Hive with MR/Tez and Phoenix/HBase. We will discuss the appropriate use cases for each option, and provide some performance tuning best practices.

  • A night with Michael Whitehead

    Needs a location

    Join Michael Whitehead, Founder and President of WhereScape, on ‘An evening with Michael Whitehead’ – he tells the amazing story of his long road to success in the Data warehousing world, and share his vision for the future of the product and the company. Guests will have the opportunity to learn firsthand and ask questions about Michael’s journey to being the pioneer in data warehousing. Register now for your chance to meet with Michael in either Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne: http://www.mip.com.au/EventCalendarSearch.aspx?cat=2&typ=0&keyword=WhereScape+User+Group