BlazingSQL & Blazing-Fast Data Science on GPUs

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Every 3rd Wednesday of the month

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BlazingSQL is a distributed SQL engine, built on, that lets you ETL raw data directly into GPU memory as a GPU DataFrame (GDF). is an open-source suite of libraries that allow you to run your end to end data science and analytics pipelines on GPUs. Learn how with 5 minutes and a few lines of code you can dramatically accelerate your workloads in Python, for free! We'll also show off a less free, distributed BlazingSQL & cluster that can process problems at greater scale. If you ever thought GPUs sound awesome but incredibly difficult to program for you need to check this out. If you know Pandas, SQL, and SK-Learn, you can run BlazingSQL & right now!

SPEAKER: Rodrigo Aramburu, CEO
SPEAKER BIO: Rodrigo started his career at Deloitte Consulting analyzing incredibly large pension systems. He then built a consulting company with his brother (the CTO) in Peru, which built the first prototype of BlazingSQL when working on a fraud detection project for Peru's public pension authority. Now, he is the CEO and coffee-maker in chief of BlazingSQL delivering hyper-fast SQL for AI/ML workloads.

Big Data Bellevue Meetup was created by Intelius and takes place in downtown Bellevue. Intelius provides the only centralized service for delivering comprehensive information about people, places, organizations, and their connection to each other. Our state-of-the-art big data technology platform is utilized across a wide range of industries to implement specific solutions.

On the third Wednesday of each month, we invite an industry leader in Big Data to give a presentation followed by a lively discussion on big data technology and its impact on business world. Past speakers include researchers from the University of Washington, as well as senior members of various companies, such as Microsoft, Amazon, eBay, IBM, MapR and inome.

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