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7th BigData/DataScience­ Meetup(Lambda Architecture, Apache Kafka, GraphX)

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Hi everyone,

We are glad to announce the 7-th meetup !
We prepared three very interesting presentations about the Lambda architecture (, data ingestion with Kafka ( GraphX (

Schedule of the meetup :

18:00 - 18:30
Food, drinks and time to meet new/old friends !

18:30 - 19:15
Lambda architecture by Tudor Marghidanu (
We will learn how to separate processing contexts in a BigData applications using some of the standard tools.
We will discuss major components and understand how to create a robust and fault tolerant user facing application.
As an example I will use our distributed data ingestion system.

19:15 - 19:55
Kafka Intro by Ovidiu Petridean (
After this presentation we will be able to answer to the following questions:
How does Kafka work?
How is it different from a classic MQ system?
How come it is so fast?
How does it fit in the BigData world?
How does Kafka help with real-time event streaming?

19:55 - 20:05

20:05 - 20:45
GraphX Intro by Adrian Bona (
We will get to know about the basic bricks of GraphX and we will play with a "decent" graph ( in Zeppelin.
GraphX is the in-house graph processing library from Spark, being designed to handle large graphs (billions of edges, millions of nodes or even more).

Many thanks Yardi ( hosting this meetup !