AI & Big Data in Health Sector-Opportunities & challenges | Big Data Demystified


18:00 networking

18:30 "AI & BIG DATA IN HEALTH SECTOR-OPPORTUNITIES & SECURITY / PRIVACY CHALLENGES", Alexander Raif, Chief security and Privacy architect at Maccabi Health care HMO. [Spoken language - English ]

19:15 break

19:20 "NoSQL at Extreme Performance - taking your NoSQL to the Next Level" Zohar Elkayam, Solutions Architect at Aerospike

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Lecturer has Deep experience defining Cloud computing, security models for IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS architectures specifically as the architecture relates to IAM. Deep Experience Defining Privacy protection Policy, a big fan of GDPR interpretation.

DeelExperience in Information security, Defining Healthcare security best practices including AI and Big Data, IT Security and ICS security and privacy controls in the industrial environments.
Deep knowledge of security frameworks such as Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), International Organization for Standardization (ISO), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), IBM ITCS104 etc.

What Will You learn:
Every day, the website collects a huge amount of data. The data allows to analyze the behavior of Internet users, their interests, their purchasing behavior and the conversion rates. In order to increase business, big data offers the tools to analyze and process data in order to reveal competitive advantages from the data.
What Healthcare has to do with Big Data
How AI can assist in patient care?
Why some are afraid? Are there any dangers?

"NoSQL at Extreme Performance - taking your NoSQL to the Next Level" Zohar Elkayam, Solutions Architect at Aerospike

Zohar is a technology evangelist and an expert in data technologies with over 20 years of experience.
At his current position, Zohar is a Solutions Architect for Aerospike - a low latency-high throughput big scale database.
Before that, Zohar was an Oracle ACE, CTO and consultant technical lead at Brillix, and the director for databases, big data and BI at Glasshouse Technologies.


Building a low latency (sub millisecond), high throughput database that can handle big data AND linearly scale is not easy - but we did it anyway...
In this session we will get to know Aerospike, an enterprise distributed primary key database solution.

- We will do an introduction to Aerospike - basic terms, how it works and why is it widely used in mission critical systems deployments.
- We will understand the 'magic' behind Aerospike ability to handle small, medium and even Petabyte scale data, and still guarantee predictable performance of sub-millisecond latency
- We will learn how Aerospike devops is different than other solutions in the market, and see how easy it is to run it on cloud environments as well as on premise.

We will also run a demo - showing a live example of the performance and self-healing technologies the database have to offer.