What we're about

For any developers active in the field of data science & statistics.

Big Data and its whole halo of tooling, can be quite challenging to grasp and get started with.
But relax, probably somebody already tried that particular tool you are lurking at, or applied that method you heard of yesterday.

In this Big Data Developers group, we bring the curious minds, and the experienced ones together.

If you like to get started with new tooling, apply models you couldn't apply before, or stuck in a use case, join one of our sessions.
By the end of each meet-up, our goal is that you learned something new.
We are developers, code will be shown & written, and do take your notebook with you!

Meet-ups include:
- Hands-on education sessions (with the participants' notebooks open & running)
- Use case discussions, of data projects / kaggle competitions
- Hackathons
- Education sessions on Statistical & Machine learning topics

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