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This is an IBM sponsored Big Data meetup group. Geared towards developers, data scientists and ALL Big Data enthusiasts, our meetups provide an opportunity to work hands on with the solutions and tools in our Big Data portfolio.
Our Meetups typically include a 45-60 min (max) presentation that serves as an introduction and overview for a specific Big Data technology. It is followed by ~3 hours to collaborate with fellow developers and apply your Big Data skills.� We provide a cloud environment that you can run through the browser of your laptop at NO cost to you. Our meetups are FREE.

Meetup topics include:

- Hadoop-based analytics
- Stream Computing
- Text Analytics
- Visualization and Discovery tools for Big Data
- Big Data App Development
- Deep dives into the technologies that makes big data processing possible
- Anything and everything about Big Data

Join us today for a hands on software development experience.

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With 🍕, 🍻 and IBM to the Journey to Cloud ☁️

Journey to the Cloud with IBM, Pizza and Beer - What enterprise IT needs to do now to ensure the value of the Cloud for the enterprise Agenda 🤓 **🦋 TRANSFORMATION DONE THE IBM WAY - Murat Eyiberispek (30min)** Transformation is one of the biggest challenges of enterprises. In this slot we will talk about the meaning of transformation for enterprises and discuss how IBM Managed Services helps enterprises to transform their business achieving: - agility to realize new business opportunities, - improved customer experience, - streamlined operations, - a boost of financial performance Companies that want to achieve these objectives and want to stay competitive in this fast changing world with demanding customers, mostly struggle with the tools, processes and expertise that are necessary to access, deliver, operate and manage the transition. Let us take you on a journey to show you that transforming your business with the help of IBM Manages Services is not to be seen as a challenge, but more importantly an opportunity for your business you cannot allow to miss. **☁️ WELCOME TO THE CLOUD - Thomas Seidel (30min)** Choose your content is the motto of this slot. The cloud is a wide and open field of different topics, solutions and provider. From Cloud-native applications to virtual and bare metal machines to DevOps pipelines, feel free to chose your topic of interest and I will give you insights on how you can use the IBM Cloud to make your project successful. Option 1: virtual and bare metal server; virtualization in the cloud Option 2: cloud native app development Option 3: container and how to use them (IKS/K8, ICP, MCM) Option 4: your choice **🚗 THE CUSTOMER NEEDS - Top secret 🤫 (30min)** Now let's get real! After gaining new insights on how IBM helps customers to transform their businesses and what the IBM Cloud and Cloud Management is all about, it is time to turn our eyes from theory to a real world example. Let us show you how car2go used the IBM Cloud for its Car-Sharing solution to: - accelerate its digital transformation, - ensure system availability, which is critical to the success of a mobility service provider and - modernize their applications for rapidly developing new functionalities, that are quickly made accessible to all car2go customers worldwide. Interested? Come and join us! 😎

AI to Action for everybody!


Now our next meetup will contain three different parts: 1. An open ond informative exchange about new BI Self Service and Smart Intelligence offered by Cognos Analytics 2. A deep dive into the topic of Networking Technology 3. A moderated interactive insight generation driven by YOU - a discussion about three topics (Smarter Intelligence, Networking Technology and Artificial Intelligence) _____________________ #1: AI and Smarter Intelligence for everybody Speaker: Martin Kramer, IBM Cloud & Cognitive Senior Tech-Sales You may have missed the latest release of Cognos Analytics - the AI-Driven Business Analytics solutions of IBM? If YES: Attend the meetup to become flashed by all the new AI infused parts. AI allows you to work in a complete new style and it allows you to generate not only fancy descriptive reports, it allows and assists you as well to generate new insghts. We also will cover all the new aspects of - data preparation - smart data discovery - automated data virtualization - ai assistant If Not: You will get the opportunity to challenge one of the leading Cognos Analytics Expert in an 'ask me anything' session. He is happy to share more details how Cognos Analytics is dealing with business questions compare to competitive solutions. _____________________ # 2 Title: Deep Dive into Data Networking Technology Speaker: Frank Kraemer, IBM Systems Architect; mailto:[masked] Networking moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it! Agenda: - Introduction - Technology for Data Center Ethernet Switching - Network Interface Controller (NIC) - Software Defined Networking (SDN) - Network Operating System (NOS) - Cloud Scale Networking - Summary _____________________ #3 Titel: Interactive insight generation driven by YOU Moderation: Martin Kramer, Frank Krämer, Wilfried Hoge, IBM Cloud & Cognitive Seniar Architect Stephan Schnieber, IBM Cloud & Cognitive Architect We will split the group into three groups to discuss the main topics of today (Smarter Intelligence, Networking Technology and Artificial Intelligence). Each group will have about 10 minutes to share their opinion and views obout your actual state, your future state, your challenges and your fears. We will rotate through the groups to ensure that everyone had shared his thoughts on every topic - we will end up with a short summary of our common understanding and our new insights. __________________________________________ __________________________________________ IMPORTANT: The meetup will be part of a bigger IBM event at the Bikini - so please feel free to register for the whole day (or for two days): https://www.ibm.com/de-de/events/thinkatibm/events/datadev.html We are looking forward seeing you at the Bikini :-)

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