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This is an IBM sponsored Meetup group geared towards developers, data scientists, data engineers, and ALL Big Data, Cloud and AI enthusiasts. Our meetups provide an opportunity to work hands on with the solutions and tools in our Big Data portfolio and to interact and share knowledge with experts at IBM and in our extended community.

Our Meetups typically include a 45-60 minute presentation that serves as an introduction and overview for a specific Data or Cognitive topic, as well as other topics that the community is interested in. It is followed by a possible demonstration or networking with fellow developers to collaborate on applying your data skills. Depending upon the location, we can provide a cloud environment with the technologies needed, that you can use from your laptop at NO cost to you. Our meetups are FREE.

Meetup topics include (but are not limited to):

- Cognitive Solutions
- Artificial Intelligence
- Data Science
- Machine Learning
- Cloud Technologies
- Internet of Things (IoT)
- Data Visualization
- Java development
- Open Source Technologies: Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, Python, R and others
- Data-centric Application Development
- Open Source Hadoop, SQL on Hadoop, R on Hadoop, Integration, Governance, ...
- Real Time Analytics & Stream Computing
- Text Analytics
- Relational and NOSQL Databases
- Predictive/Prescriptive Analytics
- Deep dives into the technologies that makes big data processing possible

Join us today to learn more about what is possible with software development and topics important to your community.

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IBM and Cloudera Data & Analytics - Virtual Event

Online event

This event is online and Pacific Daylight Time. Please adjust to your timezone. Life is changing daily. Most organizations experience growing challenges to enhance IT resiliency and business continuity, reduce operating costs by driving efficiencies, proactively address new cybersecurity risks, and meet the changing needs of digital customers and remote employees. The common denominator in meeting these challenges is data and analytics. Leading companies are turning decision-making into an industrial process – integrating data gathering, analytics and modeling – to make business decisions with ever-improving accuracy. Connecting and securing this data lifecycle is foundational to scaling data-driven decision-making with AI. IBM and Cloudera make this possible and more with Cloudera Data Platform that manages and secures the data lifecycle in any cloud or data center. IBM and Cloudera deliver an enterprise data platform for hybrid cloud, powered by the connected data lifecycle, to build mission-critical and high value applications once, and run them anywhere. Cloudera’s next generation data platform is the industry’s first enterprise data cloud, leveraging Red Hat OpenShift for hybrid cloud deployments that deliver cloud native agility across public and private clouds. Join us on June 11th and accelerate your journey to hybrid cloud and AI. Secure your seat today. Register: https://www.cloudera.com/about/events/virtual-events/ibm-cloudera-journey-to-hybrid-cloud-and-ai.html?utm_medium=3rd-party&utm_source=partner&keyplay=CDP&utm_campaign=FY21-Q2_VE_Globl_IBM%20reg%20link_2020-05-01&cid=7012H000000wkXs&utm_content=IBM

2020 Call for Code - Global Challenge

Online event

This meetup is listed as July 31st which is the last day to submit your code. Join the fight. Form a team. Impact the world. Submit by July 31st. Register here: https://developer.ibm.com/callforcode/ COVID-19 has revealed limits of the systems we take for granted, compromising our health, our planet, and our survival. We’ve expanded the 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge to take on COVID-19, while we remain committed to combating climate change. Developers and problem solvers, submit your open source solutions by July 31. Take on COVID-19. With the unprecedented effect of COVID-19, unite to help communities across the globe deal with the impact of the greatest crisis of modern times. Use open source technology in the cloud to build solutions that can provide crisis communication, remote education, and community cooperation. Starter kits and tips and tricks are available to you. Accept the challenge on the website and get your starter kit and let's fight this virus! https://developer.ibm.com/callforcode/

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User Group Days - Community Event

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