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Anyone interested in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, POWER Systems, Data and Analytics, Data Science, Predictive Analytics and more. We welcome all interested parties.

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Hands-On Workshop: Train Your Own Computer Vision Model - Session #2

Learn to train a computer vision model on your very own laptop! Invest just about 2 hours of your day, after work, to learn about AI and ML -- train your own computer vision. Come network with your peers! Using PowerAI Vision, an enterprise-grade software, you will learn to label raw data sets for training, creating, and deploying deep learning-based models. Data scientists and subject matter experts with no skills in deep learning technologies can experience the empowerment to train models for AI applications. Session #2: Learn how to build a model based a video and then using Python in a Jupyter Notebook, learn to execute an application to perform analytics based on your model. Seats are limited. You must register to reserve your spot To register, go to: ibm.biz/TYOCV-Cleveland-2 Prerequisites for the lab and laptop setup: 1. Currently supported browser is installed Google Chrome Version 60 or later Firefox Quantum 59.0, or later 2. SSH client is installed Native ssh on Linux or Mac OS Windows – PuTTY https://www.putty.org/ 3. Docker CLI Client is installed. You can download Docker CE using one of the links below: · Windows 10 http://ibm.biz/Docker_CE_Windows · Mac OS 10.12 or higher http://ibm.biz/Docker_CE_Mac · RHEL/CentOS http://ibm.biz/Docker_CE_CentOS PowerAI expert and instructor: Neal Rudnick, IBM enterprise architect and certified senior technical specialist, has 30 years of experience in the IT industry. He is a subject-matter expert in various technical areas encompassing IT architecture, competitive benchmarks and cognitive computing that includes object and image classification utilizing IBM AI software. Food and beverages to be provided. YOU MUST REGISTER TO HOLD YOUR SEAT IN THIS SESSION: ibm.biz/TYOCV-Cleveland-2

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