Spark Structured Streaming in Practice and Blockchain Explained


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Blockchain Explained

Blockchain is a shared, replicated ledger. Its reach is wider than just crypto-currencies, as it provides the foundation for a new generation of transactional applications that establish trust and transparency, while streamlining business processes. Come along to this session to find out more about Blockchain and see it in action, and discover the future plans that IBM and the Linux Foundation are building for Blockchain.

Dave Gorman has worked in the IT industry for 26 years. He is currently part of the IBM Europe technology team, specialising in blockchain, and is based at the Hursley Laboratory in Hampshire. The team is the centre of blockchain client enablement worldwide for IBM. In this role, Dave works with customers across a broad spectrum of industries and use-cases, including the Financial Services Sector, enabling them in their understanding of blockchain and how they can best make use of the technology within their respective industries.

Spark Structured Streaming in Practice

Spark Structured Streaming provides the means to express streaming computations the same way as it would be made with static data. The built-in engine is incrementally and continuously updating the final results as streaming data continues to arrive. We’ll cover how a real life implementation of Spark Structured Streaming on top of a Hadoop Cluster is helping a big online retailer to analyse clickstream data and aggregate it with customer history information.

Andrei Muraru, Solution Architect at Bigstep, has designed and implemented complex big data projects for more than 4 years. Currently, he is focused on large-scale real-time implementations. He is helping customers begin their journey with big data workloads by providing meaningful insights on the products and services that are appropriate for their use case.

MapR - An evolved architecture for a European social media customer

MapR recently won a bid at a major social media customer to provide a single, converged infrastructure for microservices, applications and data analytics services. We will describe the architecture that will soon be going into production, including its converged properties, and provide a simple demonstration illuminating how the architecture works.

Rob Anderson joined MapR as Vice President of Worldwide Systems Engineering, where he is in charge of managing MapR’s worldwide systems engineering team. Prior to joining MapR, Rob served has Chief Technology Officer EMEA for the Isilon Storage Division of EMC Corporation, a global leader in enabling businesses and service providers to transform their operations and deliver information technology as a service (ITaaS). While at EMC, Rob led engineering teams in the development of Isilon’s industry-leading OneFS clustered file system, during which he jointly authored several patents. Earlier in his career, Rob held senior technical roles with Amazon and Equator Technologies.

Rob holds an M.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Washington and a B.Eng. in Computer Engineering from McGill University.