Putting data to work with Watson Knowledge Catalog on IBM Cloud


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Discover Watson Knowledge Catalog's features for Data Governance and Business Analytics.

Implementing a governed access to data sources is the key to a successful Analytics journey.
In this workshop, you will get an understanding of how to put in place an architecture and compose a cloud-first data driven business solution from a combination of services that data engineers, data scientists and application developers can use.

During this one day instructor led workshop you'll gain experience with the Watson Knowledge Catalog and Watson Studio running in IBM Cloud by using a set of tools that offers key capabilities : Data Governance with Watson Knowledge Catalog, Data Engineering with Watson Studio's Data Refinery, Business Analytics with Cognos Dashboard Embedded, Data Science with Watson Studio notebooks and Data Application Integration with IBM Cloud Platform.

- Workshop Introduction & Objectives
- Discover Watson Knowledge Catalog
Lab 1 : Getting Started on Watson Knowledge Catalog
- Data Ingestion, Transformation and Integration
Lab 2 : Data Engineering Experience with Waston Studio Data Refinery
- Data Visualization with Cognos dashboard Embedded
Lab 3 : Business Analyst Experience with Cognos & Watson Analytics
- Data Science and Watson Machine Learning
Lab 4 : Data Scientist Experience with Watson Studio notebooks
- Application Development
Lab 5 : App Developer Experience with IBM Cloud Python Flask applications
- Wrap Up

*********Event Highlights*********
This course helps the attendees to gain the understanding of the Watson Knowledge Catalog's key capabilities and components through series of presentations and hands-on labs exercises. Attendees will realize how they can put their data to work by using Catalog, Data Refining, Data Analysis and application integration.

Basic understanding of Data, Business Intelligence, ETL, Statistics and Data Mining.
This is a hands-on workshop and participants need to bring their own laptop.