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How you can exit and become a millionaire from a good idea!

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What Idea Lab is all about

• Is there a significant technical problem for which you believe you have a solution?

• Are you recognized by your peers as an expert possessing exceptionally strong technical vision and creative thinking?

If so, are you interested in either of the options below, both have no cost to you:

• A $1,000,000 "exit" from your idea without necessarily leaving your “day-job” or founding a startup, or:

• Having proven innovation, patent and business experts work with you to establish a robust patent portfolio based on your idea, all at NO COST to you. And then you maintain the option to spin off the strong portfolio into a startup for you to build the market.

If so,’s Idea Lab is for you.

Seminar Agenda:

1. Registration and networking

2. Overview of Idea Lab - Naomi Assia and Monte Silver

3. Understanding the Ideal Lab elements

• The innovative elements and process: How to convert an Idea into a robust patent portfolio - Shmuel Ur

• The patent-related elements and process - Prior art, and creating and prosecuting a patent portfolio - Larry Goldstein and Naomi Assia

• The business model and key terms - Understanding the relationship between the Innovator and Idea Lab, and how the innovator can make a million dollars from an ideaMonte Silver

4. Questions and Answers

5. Networking

About the speakers:

Monte Silver, founder of has 20 years extensive business and legal experience between the United States and Israel in areas of technology, idea/patent monetization and law. Seeking to provide a complete idea/patent monetization solution, Silver founded and today serves a wide variety of clients in all aspects of monetizing patents and ideas. Silver has litigated and brokered a significant number of patent matters valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Naomi Assia Law Office is one of the leading high tech and intellectual property law firms in Israel. Since its establishment in 1987, the firm has earned an international reputation for catering to the overall needs of traditional high-tech, biotech, start-up, and venture companies in a wide range of legal matters

Dr. Shmuel Ur received his Ph.D. in Algorithms Optimization and Combinatorics in 1994 in Carnegie Mellon and received his Bs.C. and Ms.C. from the Technion. Previously titled of an Master Inventor, today Shmuel is an independent inventor and has sold dozens of his own ideas to leading IP entities worldwide, and filed many of his own patents. He works with companies on creating a patent strategy and harvesting the best patentable ideas in order to convert the ideas to robust and valuable portfolios.

Larry Goldstein is a U.S. patent attorney specializing in Information & Communication Technologies (ICT), particularly in electronic communications, including both hardware and software. He prepares and prosecutes applications for clients, develops in-house corporate harvesting programs to build high-quality patent portfolios, and evaluates the quality of existing patents and patent portfolios. The author of several books on the subject of patent quality, Larry played a critical role establishing the patent pool for 3G W-CDMA cellular technology, specifically in creating the methodology for determining the essentiality of patents to the W-CDMA technical standard

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