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Part II – Expanded Perspective
A. International patenting, provisional applications and PCT applications – how to obtain patent protection that is both effective and affordable.
B. Miscellaneous – from idea to product; trade secrets; defensive publications; damaging correspondence; product marking; patent searching; workshop summary.

Notice: the workshop is for Hebrew speakers; Click here ( for a PDF Hebrew-English version of this document.

Workshop Goals

Inventors and entrepreneurs want to patent their ideas; some are afraid that their ideas might be stolen, others want to impress investors, and some want to protect their future products against copying by competitors.

The customary way to apply for a patent is to describe the idea, verbally or in writing, to a patent attorney who drafts and files the patent application. Unfortunately, however, there is often an invisible gap between the inventor and the patent attorney that causes the invention itself to be improperly presented, or to be missed entirely.

“What invention is hiding in my idea?” is a question that inventors and entrepreneurs must answer before seeing a patent attorney. The majority of inventors and entrepreneurs, though, are not equipped with the tools needed for understanding and answering this question.

This workshop will equip participants with the knowledge and tools to help them fulfill their critical role in the patenting process, to get better patents and to make better use of them.


The workshop is given by Motti Teicher, an independent inventor named on 56 US patents ( and active for over two decades in invention, inventor training, and entrepreneurship.


The workshop is for anyone who is involved with, or who is interested in, inventions and entrepreneurship. No prior knowledge or experience in technology or patenting is needed, and even experienced inventors will benefit from participating.