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Big Data Madrid: Mesos Session

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Hi Big Data Madrid Lovers!!

The next meetup will take place on September 18th and this time we will have the visit of Denis Jannot from Mesosphere.

The meetup will take place in La Nave ( Calle Cifuentes nº5)
Author: Denis Jannot
Position: Sales Engineer EMEA at Mesosphere

How to build a secure (TLS and Kerberos) Machine Learning Pipeline with Mesosphere DC/OS, Apache NIFI, Kafka, HDFS, Spark and use Jupyterlab to provide a nice user experience.

My bio:
Denis is a passionate technologist, working on innovative projects leveraging various technologies (Mesos, Kubernetes, Kafka, Spark, ...).

Here is the agenda:
Mesosphere DC/OS overview
Challenges when trying to build a secure ML pipeline
Demo of a Twitter sentiment analysis pipeline with the following high level design:
Apache NIFI is used to listen the the Twitter Streaming API
Apache NIFI persist the tweets in HDFS and produce them in a Kafka topic
A Jupyter notebook is used to create a model using Spark and the tweets stored in HDFS
Another Jupyter notebook is used to apply the model to the tweets consumed from Kafka
I think the total duration will be around 1h30, plus probably 30 minutes to socialize

We will have time to talk and eat. The talk will start at 19:00h and finish at 21.00h

Hope to see you there!!

Calle Cifuentes 5, Villaverde Madrid · Madrid, al
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