Gobblin Community Monthly Video Conference

This is a past event

16 people went

Needs a location


Video Conference link: https://bluejeans.com/741314307/


Apache / Process Changes:

Code Donation: We have necessary approvals, and are moving ahead with code donation.

Code Repository: Source repository will move to Apache git. The mirror will be on Github.

Issue Tracking: Issues are moving from Github to Apache Jira ( issues.apache.org ). Only open issues will be moved, we are trying to preserve as much metadata as possible.

Wiki: We will move most of our documentation to Apache wiki space. This will also include major designs.

Pull Request: (subject to change) PRs will continue to be on Github, however instead of merging them, the PRs will be closed after review and committers will commit the diff to git repo.


Final non-Apache release coming soon (this week potentially). Subsequent releases will be under Apache banner.

Pull Requests / Github Issues Open Contributors (if present) can describe the PR / Issues:

S3 eventual consistency by Tamas: Support eventual consistent filesystems like S3

Admin UI changes by Kadaan: Improve AdminUI and RestService with better sorting, filtering, auto-updates, etc.

Gobblin Service changes by Lei Sun: Implementation of Flow compiler with multiple hops

Gobblin Cluster changes / issues faced by Kadaan: Various fixes for Gobblin Cluster https://github.com/linkedin/gobblin/issues/1845

Salesforce Writer by Zhixiong

Miscellaneous Issues on Gitter / Email + Open Discussion

Documentation has been requested for the following:

How to write connectors / extensions for components in Gobblin

How to add / extend instrumentation to custom Gobblin components.

Any other areas that should be prioritized for documentation, and any other suggestions?

Kadaan’s Gobblin-Cluster on AWS experience so far. Areas of improvement?

Kafka 10 connectors status discussion.