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There is no quantitative definition of Big Data, as in "how big should my data get for it to be called Big Data?" A commonly used definition is: "an all-encompassing term for any collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using on-hand data management tools or traditional data processing applications."

The fact that Big Data requires non-traditional data processing approaches also means that key aspects of Big Data in an enterprise, such as Security and Data Governance, will also require non-traditional approaches.

Our meetup's aim is to bring together thought leaders and practitioners from industry, solution vendors, and academic researchers to discuss emerging topics under security intelligence, breach forensics, compliance, and governance especially as it pertains to Big Data.

This group is for anyone interested in the Security and Data Governance aspects of Big Data systems. This would include systems based on Hadoop as well as the ones based on NoSQL and other approaches. We will meet every 4-6 weeks for a variety of content: technical, implementation case studies, business aspects as well as academic points of view to discuss best practices, new solutions and tools, standards, and platform features that impact these two areas.

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