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Big Data and Analytics World is an online group open for all Engineers, Data Scientists, Administrators, System/Solution/technology Architects, Business Analyst, Project Managers who want to contribute the learning on next generation Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning.

We started this group interact with other experience and aspiring Big Data Expert to share their expertise and knowledge in the field of next generation technologies.

Let's have a wonderful start in the Journey of real business problems and futuristic technology!

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Master Data Science - Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)

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To signup, this online meetup use following Link - https://www.firstonlineuniversity.org/events/master-data-science---artificial-neural-networks-%28ann-90 Artificial neural networks are one of the main tools used in machine learning. As the “neural” part of their name suggests, they are brain-inspired systems that are intended to replicate the way that we humans learn. Neural networks consist of input and output layers, as well as a hidden layer consisting of units that transform the input into something that the output layer can use. They are excellent tools for finding patterns that are far too complex or numerous for a human programmer to extract and teach the machine to recognize. How many types of neural networks are there? - feedforward neural network - recurrent neural network - convolutional neural networks - Boltzmann machine networks - Hopfield networks What is the Price: THIS IS FREE. Meet Your Presenter: Navin Singh holds two Graduate degrees, Master in Computer Sciences and Application and Master in Advanced Electronics. He has his undergraduate degree majoring in Mathematics and Statistics. He has been continuously working in the field of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. He has worked on many Implementation projects with many Fortune 100 companies like MasterCard, GE, Cisco, Brocade, Nissan and helped Government organizations like Accountant General, Counties, Health, and Human Services to achieve their financial Data management and reporting. Navin is a Marathon runner and has done his 15th Marathon. Currently, he is involved in the research on Next Generation AI and Sigma trading algorithms. He is a hands-on technology architect with great exposure to most of the data and AI technologies. His passion is to support the next generation of engineers and data scientists and push them to achieve the highest level of excellence.

Machine Learning Powered Push Notifications

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Machine Learning Powered Push Notifications Former Facebook and Twitter engineers discuss the different ML models to improve notification and email metrics like CTRs, Daily Active Users, and purchase conversions. From manual rules-based models to cutting edge reinforcement learning, they'll give an overview of how you can better personalize and time emails and notifications. How to get the Meetup Details: This is an Online Meetup, and Signup through the following link is required - https://www.firstonlineuniversity.org/events/machine-learning-powered-push-notifications-91 What is the Price: THIS IS FREE. About the Presenters: Edoardo was an ML engineer at Facebook who co-authored ReAgent, Facebook's reinforcement learning platform. Before that, he was a research scientist for Uber AI labs. Lionel is a generalist engineer who has built data and analytics products over the past decade. He most recently started a code review analytics startup and before that, he worked at Twitter on developer and ML tooling.

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Master Data Science - Logistic Regression

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