Sentiment Analysis with Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Big Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
Big Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
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Natural Language Processing

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One of the most challenging and revolutionary things artificial intelligence (AI) can do is speak, write, listen, and understand human language. Natural language processing (NLP) is a form of AI that extracts meaning from human language to make decisions based on the information. This technology is still evolving, but there are already many incredible ways natural language processing is used today. In this presentation, we will discuss the Concepts of NLP and Build a Modal using python to parse and understand the review data using NLP techniques.

In this Meetup, we will be working on the Analysis of Customer Reviews. How NLP programming can identify if the customer experience is positive or negative.

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Navin Singh holds two Graduate degrees, Master in Computer Sciences and Application and Master in Advanced Electronics. He has his undergraduate degree majoring in Mathematics and Statistics. He has been continuously working in the field of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

He has worked on many Implementation projects with many Fortune 100 companies like MasterCard, GE, Cisco, Brocade, Nissan and helped Government Organization like Accountant General, Counties, Health, and Human Services to achieve their financial Data management and reporting. Navin is a Marathon runner and has done his 15th Marathon. Currently, he is involved in the research on Next Generation AI and Sigma trading algorithms.

He is a hands-on technology architect with great exposure to most of the data and AI technologies. His passion is to support the next generation of engineers and data scientists and push them to achieve the highest level of excellence.