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This is a meetup for data science enthusiasts / beer aficionados who want to improve their machine learning skills in a relaxed and fun environment. We'll meet at various breweries and taprooms in the Auburn/Rocklin/Roseville area and build machine learning projects in teams. Together we'll work to develop interesting questions, choose challenging projects to pursue, pair program to solve problems, create presentations and showcase our visualizations. The focus will be on gathering experience and skill in the areas of supervised machine learning, unsupervised machine learning, neural networks, classification and regression problems, data cleaning, data scraping, data visualization and communication.

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Share something you learned recently.

New Glory Eatery & Taproom

At this event we're going to share something new we learned how to do in Data Science and have a drink or two. If you're new to Data Science, or haven't learned anything recently, don't worry, you can just do the second thing. See you there!

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Competition Grand Finalé! (No blizzard can stop us!)

Moonraker Brewing Co.

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