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Mission Statement for Big Data for Decision Makers

Big Data for Decision Makers is an informal group established to help shape and accelerate discourse on the topic of current and potential uses and benefits of Big Data as opposed to the technology itself. Our group was created to help answer the question "What can we do with Big Data?" and is geared towards folks who will be looking for answers in the data, rather than towards the programmers and data scientists who work with the data at a technical level.

Our meetups feature presenters and their case studies and stories. We aim to create a stimulating environment by featuring a diverse set of speakers, so as to present attendees with new ideas on Big Data they may apply in their own work. Networking is encouraged, and all are welcome.

What's the big deal with big data?
McKinsey consulting predicts a shortage of 140,000 data scientists in the US, and a shortage of 1.5 Million of...the rest of us. The business users who make decisions based on the data.

At our meetups, we'll feature a speaker or host a workshop focusing on Big Data case studies (like how Big Data is helping the NYPD solve crime, Unilever sell more soap, and The World Bank alleviate poverty in Burundi), consider the implications of Big Data, and learn what makes the techies tick.

Anyone with an interest in Big Data is welcome, but our focus will be on the application of Big Data rather than on the clusters, data warehouses, and coding that support it.
Join today and stay tuned for upcoming meetups. Welcome, all!

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