• Snow Stats: Using Big Data to Help Ski Areas Survive Global Climate Change

    Snow Stats: Using Big Data to Help Ski Areas Survive Global Climate Change C.J. Sullivan, The Data Incubator I have a passion for skiing. But I am growing increasingly concerned about the dwindling levels of snowfall at our country’s ski resorts, where global climate change is making an alarming impact. Ski resorts, in order to remain profitable under such variable snowpack conditions, must adjust to this volatility by using analytics to “predict the weather” well in advance of the upcoming season. This analysis, coupled with data-driven decision-making, can make the difference between a profitable ski resort and one that will go out of business. In this talk, we will discuss how to predict snowfall by correlating historical satellite imagery with known weather conditions. This imagery is obtained from the LANDSAT satellites, which have imaged the entire planet at 30 meter resolution dating back to 1970 at a variety of spectral bands. We will discuss the creation of algorithms to potentially analyze petabytes of imagery and what type of information could be obtained from that analysis. We will discuss the tools and techniques necessary to analyze large weather-related datasets, as well as how global climate change (and our response to it) will impact the future of skiing. Join us! About the speaker Clair J. Sullivan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Nuclear, Plasma and Radiological Engineering, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). Professor Sullivan recently received the DARPA Young Faculty Award to focus on Big Data and is currently enrolled at the Washington campus of the Data Incubator, a data science training program. In her spare time, Professor Sullivan enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and of course, skiing!

  • Tackle Enterprise Data Variety Challenges!

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    Join us for a free webinar with Michele Goetz of Forrester Research. She'll draw on her years of research and analysis to provide insights into strategies that will allow companies to exploit all of their data and gain a substantial competitive advantage. When? September 9, 1:00PM EDT Where? Online, for you to enjoy from the comfort of your laptops How to join: Register here: http://hubs.ly/y06SCX0 Who should join: Anyone looking to gain deeper insights into the industry including: - The impact of Big Data on organizations - The dynamics of data variety and what it means for companies - Moving from manual to automated data access - Market solutions for managing data variety About the Speaker: Michele Goetz, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Architecture Michele has 20 years experience in the industry designing and managing business intelligence, analytics, and data management strategies and teams across a variety of industries such as healthcare, financial services, retail, consumer packaged goods, and technology companies. She is a frequent speaker at industry, corporate, educational, and technology events. At Forrester, Michele serves enterprise and data architecture professionals. She is a leading expert on data management, artificial intelligence, data governance, master data management, and data quality. Michele helps enterprises leverage data assets more effectively by improving the availability and accuracy of the information that businesses use in processes and analytics. Prior to joining Forrester, Michele managed the business intelligence and data management programs at PTC. She also held an executive position at Trillium Software, a provider of data quality solutions and services, introducing thought leadership and recommendations on how organizations can improve data quality and governance programs.

  • Big, Hot, Wet Data! – the Coming Weather Data Revolution

    In this engaging presentation, Bill Pardue, former president of Gartner and former CEO of LexisNexis Risk Solutions, will walk us through his latest venture, Bethesda-based Weather Analytics. What happens when you stumble upon the world’s only comprehensive repository of weather data, spanning 34 years and every country? How do you productize 60 trillion individual atmospheric data points? What kind of decision-making will this support? What new market opportunities become available? In an age of new weather StartUps emphasizing the now, Weather Analytics pushes in a different direction – into the past. Structured and accessible weather history answers business intelligence questions across several sectors: • Which coastal properties are worth insuring based on minimal storm exposure? • Are changing weather patterns likely to affect crop production in the central Chilean growing regions, and therefore prices? • Is the proposed site for a solar-energy installation likely to generate enough solar radiation to warrant financing? • Do chai lattes sell better during rainy days? Come learn about this meteorology-cum-data startup's journey into unchartered territory. Meetup Format: Network from 6-7, enjoy the presentation at 7, and stick around for Q&A afterwards. Join us!

  • Creating A Big Data Culture Within Your Company

    Are you hesitant to recommend a Big Data solution because you don’t believe your organization will use it effectively? Or has your organization implemented a big data solution only to not have the necessary buy-in from within your organization to make the implementation truly valuable? As an executive do you feel pressured to help your company join the Big Data movement, but you don’t know how to ensure a significant return on investment? Join us in our beautiful new digs located in the epicenter of Washington’s new Digital DC technology corridor. WeWork is DC’s hottest new technology incubator and co-working space - join us for pizza and drinks as we learn how to create a culture of big data. Dr. Stephen Penn will show us how successful Big Data implementations have a lot more to do with social science than data science. He will walk us through how evaluating your organization’s joint decision-making capabilities, what he terms as “organizational cognition”, will make for a much more effective big data implementation and a much higher return on investment. We’ll look at a roadmap for firms seeking to increase their competitive advantage through data-driven decision-making. Dr. Penn has over twenty years of experience in IT and data analytics including management of large projects involving 100+ staff and $10M budgets. He has consulted on data mining projects with University of Maryland University College, Social Security Administration, Columbia Basin College and others. Dr Penn currently teaches in the University of Maryland’s newly-formed data analytics masters program. He also teaches management and innovation at Columbia Basin College. Join us for a fun evening in our dynamic new space. Come see what’s happening along the Digital DC corridor. We’ll meet at the new WeWork Wonder Bread Factory at 641 S St NW, a few blocks north of Chinatown directly behind the Shaw metro station. If you haven’t been to Shaw in a while, you’ll be surprised by what you see. Here’s are a couple of links to catch you up to speed on the flourishing tech scene along the new corridor... http://www.bizjournals.com/washington/blog/techflash/2014/03/digital-dc-launches-at-wework-in-shaw.html http://digitaldc.co/ Thank you to our sponsors for making all of this possible! Talend ( http://talend.com/ ), memSQL ( http://www.memsql.com/ ), WeWork ( http://www.wework.com/ ).

  • How Big Data Powers Search!


    Ever wonder how search engines return results so quickly? Join us for an engaging evening behind the search bar... ! In this presentation, Kranti will walk us through the evolution of Comcast's search platform and discuss how the platform processes and uses Big Data to provide innovative products to millions of users. Kranti will also touch on the technologies he uses to achieve results with Big Data, including Apache Lucene/Solr, MongoDB & Hadoop. How does Comcast know what you want to watch before you do? How does Kranti's team place 1 million titles at your fingertips? What does Comcast do with the data it collects about you? Kranti Parisa is Lead Engineer at Comcast's Search and Discovery group, co-author of a new book on Solr, and a frequent contributor to the Apache Solr community. Join us for an eye-opening evening!

  • How Ready are you for Big Data?

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    Sponsored by Talend! www.talend.com For many organizations, the promise of Big Data has not been fulfilled. Many feel inundated by tools and technologies but are still unsure how to turn big data into real value. Most organizations cannot pinpoint where they are on their Big Data journey or where to turn next for the most valuable insights and opportunities. Yet there are many organizations that are finding tremendous ROI already. What can we learn from them? This session will give you a sense for how mature your organization is, in terms of its ability to take advantage of Big Data. You'll also leave with an understanding of which next steps to take in order to move further along the maturity spectrum. In the session we will: - Explain the 5-step Big Data Maturity Model - Walk through the Practical Steps to develop, and then mature your Big Data capability - Describe the tools available to help assess / benchmark your current maturity Imran Siddiqi is Senior Principal for Big Data and Analytics at SAP. In his role, he is focused on "value engineering" for SAP's clients.

  • The Science Behind Data Science

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    If you think you can solve your business data problems with technology alone, think again! You'll still need data scientists to mine your data and unlock its potential. Ruhollah Farchtchi, director of Big Data for Unisys, will help us understand some of the science behind ‘data science’ and show us how organizations have been using these techniques for years to gain key business insights. Ruhollah will feature real-world use cases from Netflix, Amazon, Google, and Walmart. Ruhollah will also cover the impact Big Data has had on data science and dispel the myths about what is possible with big data analytics. Join us for an engaging evening!

  • What is Big Data? And what does it mean for you?

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    Everyone is talking about Big Data and projects are starting, but most organizations are still trying to understand what it means to them. Avalon Consulting, LLC, has been developing Big Data plans and projects for clients in a wide array of industries ranging from insurance to media to non-profits. The case studies they will share during our meetup are based on implementations that use MapReduce for data processing, analytics, search and data visualization. Based on these projects and others they have developed a framework for helping organizations understand their data in order to develop a roadmap for launching Big Data projects that are aligned with their strategic goals. Joe Hilger and Niels Nielsen, Practice Directors at Avalon Consulting, LLC, will present this Big Data framework along with case studies stemming from Avalon’s hands-on experience. Their presentation will feature... · A brief overview of the most powerful Big Data tools and technologies · A vision for the future of Big Data and unstructured information · Definition of types of Big Data projects · Examples of Big Data implementations used to solve common business problems We look forward to a lively dialog about how Big Data can be used most effectively to help you reach your organizational goals.

  • Three different Big Data presentations from business users

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    Hi Folks – we’re looking forward to hosting you on Wednesday at our first official meetup. If you’re not able to attend, kindly change your RSVP so that someone on the wait list may take your spot. Thanks! Here is our program for the evening: 6.00 – 6:30: Networking – light snacks and refreshments will be provided, courtesy ofWavelength Marketing Analytics. 6:30: Our three speakers share a diverse perspective on the uses of Big Data: Dorothy Stevens, “Big Data catches fire: new insights into US fire data using Big Data” Tina Hinh, of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees "Crisis by numbers: Using data to help protect refugees." Natalie Robb, of Wavelength Market Analytics "A Tale of Two Canadian Cities: A Case Study on Geographic Market Comparison of Broadband Usage" Nearest Metro: Farragut North. (Farragut West and Dupont are also nearby) Parking: Some street parking may be available. If you park in a garage, check to see you’ll be able to retrieve your car after the event at 8PM.

  • Organizing meeting!

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    Come play a part in how this meetup takes form! Let's meet up to get to know each other, discuss what we'd like to get out of the group, and share our interests in Big Data. I'll also pass out some materials on Big Data and business. This organizing meetup is limited to 15 participants - to attend the first regular meetup (with program), join the 2nd meetup.