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Big Debates is for normal people who want to take on the toughest topics. Sex, religion, war, politics, robots, economics, science, power, freedom, morals and Donald Trump.

We are currently the largest debating platform is Asia. 1 X live Big Debate p/m + 1 X online Big Debate p/m.

Do you have an opinion on the tough topics? Do you have the charisma to express it in the arena of ideas? Do you want to hear different perspectives from others on the big questions of life?

See us in action on Youtube: https://youtu.be/Amg95zUAcDM

Big Debates is a battlefield of ideas that could crush your ideology in one intellectual bullet. Come along, fire the shots, take the hits, reflect, learn and laugh. Our aim is to facilitate meaningful and intelligent discussions. Whilst we are an ideas sharing platform, these ideas have no limits*. Controversial and provocative opinions are encouraged and challenged simultaneously.

We are not a group of friends that sit in a circle, softly share ideas and hand out flowers. We are a random mix of evolving identities that challenge and push each other out of our comfort zones.

All perspectives welcome. All nationalities welcome. All participation levels welcome (both front-line debaters and passive listeners). Advanced+ levels of English necessary. Anyone simply wanting to practise their English should go to Toastmasters.

*Given the politics of our host nation, we should refrain from criticising its governance.

*All debates are moderated by impartial (as much as humanly possible) moderators.

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Trump should win in 2020

The Pearl


After 109 people attended the Big Cats social media Debate, the 31st Big Debate will take on Donald Trump. Big Debate motion: Trump should win in 2020 Are you For the motion? Against the motion? Undecided? Trump has been the most talked about person alive in recent years. Orange man good or orange man bad? Is Trump Making America Great Again? The Pearl will serve 2.5 RMB chicken wings all night (Wings Wednesday). 30RMB pre-paid price. 40RMB at the door. Payment methods: Big Debates wechat account: bigdebates Debate format: Each Debate will have 6 Front Line Debaters, 3 For the motion, 3 Against the motion. *All front-line debaters need to contact Liam McManus as soon as possible to be considered as a Front-line debater. Contact Liam via Wechat@liam-mcmanus. Initial Vote: All debaters/audience members will cast their vote for the motion, against the motion or undecided. Opening Statements: Front-line debaters will be each be given 4 minutes of uninterrupted argument presentation time. Rebuttal: The floor will be opened to the Front-line debaters to respond to each others opening statements. Full Scale Debate: The audience join in with questions, comments and challenges for the Front-liners. The Moderater will facilitate full scale all out debate through a variety of key battle areas. Closing Statements: One Front-line debater and one audience members for each side will each have 2 minutes uninterrupted closing statements. Final Vote: All debaters will cast their vote for, against or undecided. The side that changed the most minds from the initial vote shall win. *No criticism of the our host nation is permitted. Our Facebook page will live stream this event if you can't make it and also host future Big Online Debates: Big Debates Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/BigDebates/ ) Check out the highlights from our past debates on our Big Debates Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuDrTl13yfYJJFNYMrhcwIw

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