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This is a book club for anyone interested in Big Ideas. Each month we alternate between non-fiction and fiction in search of Big Ideas that we can explore, examine and openly discuss together. We meet at 6:30pm on the last Wednesday of every month in Melbourne's CBD. Hosted by Dr George Aranda.

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FAQ: Should we read the book first?

Yes, most definitely as you can contribute to the discussion more effectively. IF you haven't completed the book, that is fine, but realise that spoilers may come up by those who did.

FAQ: Do you have the author speak at your events?

As much as we'd like to have the author attend, this is generally not possible. The book club is more about people who have read the book discussing the ideas generated by the book, than a presentation about the book.

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The Amur River - Big Ideas Book Club February 2023

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The Amur River: Between Russia and China, by Colin Thubron

Follow our greatest travel writer (and rusty Mandarin speaker) along the far eastern river that separates Russia from China, the two great ex-Communist giants, taking in Mongolia, Siberia and the Sea of Japan
A dramatic and ambitious new journey for our greatest travel writer
Colin Thubron, at 79, will travel the important but almost unknown Amur River - the tenth longest river in the world - that separates Russia from China in the Far East. The river rises in the mountains of north-east Mongolia (heartland of Genghis Khan) then flows into southern Siberia; after that, for over a thousand miles, it defines the Russo-Chinese border, before veering north into the Sea of Japan.

The most tense and interesting part of the journey will be this 1,100-mile stretch at the river’s heart, where the two great ex-Communist giants face each other. The Amur is a latent flashpoint between them, with the Chinese - to Russian alarm - pouring across the river to work on the Siberian side.

This will be not only a journey from source to mouth along the banks of a magnificent waterway but an encounter with the local people. Colin speaks colloquial Russian, and is reviving the Mandarin he spoke thirty years ago. Travelling by whatever public transport he can find and sleeping where he can, Colin will draw out local stories in his inimitable style.

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American Gods - January 2023 Big Ideas Book Club

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