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I have been a master Gardener and have a degree in Horticulture but all my learning was in Washington state. I specialized in the native plants and their uses. I feel out of place here not knowing the plants, native or otherwise.
What are the plants, what are their uses, are they eatable or medicinal.
If you know anything please join this group to teach us.
We will go on slow hikes to explore the plant life on this island and hopefully get some knowledgeable people to teach us what to do with all these plants. maybe even how to grow a few things.
Download any app that you can find that can identifies the plants and we will learn together with other plant enthusiasts.

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The Onomea Trail Plant Walk

Onomea Bay Trail

Kipuka Puaulu Bird Park Plant Walk

Needs a location

Plant life at Kaumana Caves State Park

1492 Kaumana Dr

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