What we're about

Most investment clubs show you one piece of the jigsaw, such as:

- Crypto, Oil & Gas, Gold miners, Growth / AIM stocks
- Vanguard Index Trackers
- Buy to Let, Care Homes, Parking Spaces, Graveyards, Crematoria

Big Picture Investors look at the whole puzzle.

- The group is aimed at experienced long-term investors
- Who are targeting (or already have) a £1M+ portfolio.


Some things we aren't about:

- Trading “secrets” | Stories that a little bird told me
- A nice day out (with wine and canapes) | A good chat with no takeaways
- War stories from when we were all Big Cheeses
- Cuddles with Co. Directors | Rubbing shoulders with ”the in crowd” or the 1%
- Posing with Lambos, watches and rooms full of cash.

What we offer instead:

- Knowledge exchange | Best practice framework | KPIs | Model portfolios
- Job division | Sharing the load | Mentoring and coaching

What we talk about:

- Macroeconomics | Market tone and timing
- Platforms, brokers and Robo Advisors | Products (SIPPs, ISAs, VCT, EIS)
- Asset Allocation, factors and smart beta
- Trend following | Long & Short | Psychology & Behavioural finance
- Decumulation strategies (allocation, SWRs, withdrawal order) |
- Tax | Myths & False prophets | Book reviews

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Building a momentum trading system for ETFs & ITs

Lancaster Hall Hotel

Inaugural meeting

Lancaster Hall Hotel


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