• Extract: Data Stories Worth Sharing (One Day Conf)

    NOTE: THIS IS A PAID EVENT. TICKETS MUST BE BOOKED AT: EXTRACTCONF.COM (http://EXtractconf.com) Calling all data scientists, data journalists, entrepreneurs, growth hackers, and business analysts! We would like to invite you to join the import.io team at their annual conference, Extract. And we'd like to offer the awesome data community a 50% Discount to say a special thanks :) To claim your discount: • Visit: extractconf.com (https://www.eventbrite.ie/extractconf.com) • Click 'Book Tickets' • Enter the Promotional code: Extract50 **** Extract Overview We gather 500 of the biggest and baddest minds in the dataverse to share inspirational stories. Mix one part growth hacking, two parts data analysis, toss in dash of mad scientist and that is what Extract is all about. Extract Talks We go the extra mile to ensure that we gather the best minds in the databiz so you can soak up their smarts. Our Extract Talks are 20 minute, hand-crafted, data driven stories guaranteed to blow minds. Extract Workshops & Labs Our signature workshops run in parrallel to the Extract Talks. Learn first-hand how to use new data tooling like a pro. Want some 1:1 time with the data-awesome import.io team? Then pop over to the Extract Labs. Why Do You Need to Come? Extract is a chance to hang out with top founders, data enthusiast and game changers. Labels are limiting but if you’ve ever described your role as a developer, data scientist, data journalist, entrepreneur, growth hacker, or business analyst, you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll walk away with dozens of actionable data-tactics that you can immediately apply in your role. Extract Times? 9.00am - 9.45am: Breakfast Meet 'n' Great 9.45 am - 10.00am: 'Welcome' by David White, CEO of import.io 10.00am - 4.00pm: Extract Talks, Workshops & Labs 4.00pm - 6.00pm: HAPPY HOUR! Some of our speakers? Venue: The Brewery! Questions? Check out our FAQs (http://blog.import.io/post/extract-faqs?rq=frequently) OR email [masked]

  • Data Crazy 2015 @ The Trampery!

    The Trampery

    #DATACRAZY @BIGDATADEBATE We're going to kick of the evening with some seriously cool TED style talks, all about innovative story-telling through data. Afterwards we'll have an in-depth panel discussion about the '2015 data crazy crazes' followed by plentyful amounts of beer, wine and pizza galore! The Evening Agenda: 6.30 - 7.00: Drinks & Links ( in the beautiful Trampery lounge) --- 7.00 - 7.30: TED style talks David White, CEO, import.io: 'The Age of Data and How to Save It ' Ben Rush, CEO, AudioLock: 'Fighting pirates with a Big Data sword.' --- 7.30 - 8.15: Panel discussion • Andrew Fogg, CDO, import.io (Moderating Marvel) • David White, CEO, import.io • Ben Rush, CEO, AudioLock • Duncan Ross, Chief Data Scientist, Teradata --- 8.15 - 9.00: Drinks, Links, Nibbles! BIG THANKS to our amazing sponsors: Teradata!

  • Wearable Technology!

    Central Foundation Boys’ School

    Calling all Wearable Enthusiasts. Did you go weak at the knees when the hashtag 'iWatch' took Twitter by storm? Or do you think 'creeper' every time you see a someone on the streets wearing Google Glass. Either way, this event is for you. We're talking wearables: the good, the bad and the downright ugly. Wearables are the new hot topic around town and it doesn't look like it's going away any time soon. So bring your smartwatches, smartglasses, smart-everythings and get ready for a night of fun and learning! ---- What's happening at the Wearables event 6.30pm: Arrival & Networking 7.00pm: We've invited some cools companies in the Wearable space to give some fun presentations about how their technologies work, why they're cool, and how users can gain insight from it. Welcome to the stage: Blocks and Race Yourself! 7.30pm: Then we're handing over the reigns to a person far more savvy in the world of wearables than we are. Mr Will Francis will be leading our panel discussion all about the next 10 years in Wearables. Are we all going to be wearing iPads on our faces? That is the question. 8.15pm: It's time to take a chill pill and meet your fellow person. Exchange names, linkedins, business cards and opinions on wearables! ---- Will Francis: Co-founder of @harkable (https://twitter.com/harkable). Presenter & writer about technology. Ex-Editor of MySpace. Listed by @Independent (https://twitter.com/Independent) and@Telegraph (https://twitter.com/Telegraph) as an influencer in tech! Alireza Tahmasebzadeh: Co-Founder at Blocks Alexander Foster: CEO at Raceyourself David White: CEO at import.io Sanford Dickert, Director at Rawlings Atlantic ---- The Venue: Central Foundation Boys’ School (http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=Cowper+Street+EC2A+4SH%2C+London%2C+gb)

  • Big Data Debate: Alongside London Tech Week! #LDNTechWeek

    Shoreditch Village Hall

    Themes: Join our panel of experts as they discuss the barriers that exist to raising the quality of data visualisation. You see some great interactive visual apps and some very dry displays of what seems to be no less interesting data. How do you avoid flashy graphics that add no value, obscure meaning and prevent you from drawing out the real insights through poor graphics and clunky interaction. Presentation: Andy Cotgreave, Data visualisation expert and Tableau evangelist, will be opening the event with an awesome presentation based around his listening habits, as recorded on Last.fm. Panel Members: John Burn Murdoch: Data Journalist, Financial Times (Moderator) Andy Cotgreave: Data visualisation expert and Tableau evangelist, Tableau Paul Joyce: CEO, Geckoboard Jim Hodgkins: Managing Director of Marketing Services, Visual DNA Richie Barter: CEO, AltViz Due to popular demand, the pizzas are back in abundance - so a big BIG thanks to our wonderous sponsors: Geckoboard, Visual DNA and AltViz

  • Big Data in Finance

    Level 39

    Twittersphere: @bigdatadebate (#datadebate) ---------------------------------------------------------------- 6.30 - 7.00pm: Arrival, networking and drinks 7.00 - 7.15pm: Flash presentations 7.15 - 8.15pm: Panel Discuss the future of Finance 8.15 - 9.00pm: Networking, food, drinks Thanks to our sponsors, Wolfram, Teradata and Claritize! ---------------------------------------------------------------- Panel Debate: "Is the financial service as an industry incompetent with data? They benefit from a high level of data maturity, with more people focussing on it than any other sector. Yet it is still unable to predict any big financial crisis. Considering its highly evolved risk models, and teams consisting of highly intelligent people, how can this industry still suffer from a constant cycle of massive boom and busts? What’s the future for Big Data in Finance?" • John Burn- Murdoch: Data Journalist, The Financial Times. Part of the interactive news team, working as a journalist alongside developers and designers to produce a mix of long term data-driven projects and same day interactive news stories. • Stephen Bonner: Partner in the Information Protection team at KPMG where he leads a team focused on Financial Services. Before KPMG he was Group Head of Information Risk Management at Barclays. • Jon McLoone, Director of Business Development, Wolfram Research, has worked with the makers of Mathematica since 1992, working on software development, system design, technical writing and strategy. • David White: Co-Founder & CEO of import.io is responsible for the overall strategy and vision of import.io. He also spent a number of year’s as Head of Technology Innovation at RBS. • Jonathan Segal is a Director at law firm Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co. Heading up the firm’s FinTech desk, he advises financial institutions, corporates, start-ups and funds on disruptive and peer-to-peer technologies and alternative finance in the financial services sector. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Flash Pitches: • Andrew Carr, Claritize • Jo McLoone, Wolfram Research • Justin Lyon, Simudyne ----------------------------------------------------------------

  • Big Data in Media (#datadebate)

    Shoreditch Village Hall

    How do Media companies take the next step in Big Data Analytics? Our panel of professionals discuss how to achieve growing revenues and audience insight, social media marketing and telling powerful journalistic stories with Big Data! Find out how you can produce truly innovative ideas, backed up by solid intelligence. --- Flash presentations: Tom Weiss, CEO, Genius Digital TV (http://geniusdigital.tv/) Carl Holmquist, CEO & Founder, Freespee (http://www.freespee.com/) Panel Charles Arthur, Head of Technology, The Guardian (http://www.theguardian.com/technology) (Moderator) Marie-Alicia Chang, Co-Founder & Head of Data Partnerships, Musicmetric (http://musicmetric.com/) Rob Symes, CEO, The Outside View (http://www.theoutsideview.co.uk/) Duncan Ross, Director of Data Science, Teradata (http://www.teradata.co.uk/?LangType=2057) Alistair Jones, Software Engineer, Neo4j (http://www.neo4j.org/) --- 6.30 - 7.00pm: Arrival & Networking over beer and snacks! 7.00 - 7.15pm: Flash presentations 7.15 - 8.15pm: Panel Discussion: 8.15 - 9.00pm: Networking, LOTS of pizza & drinks thanks to our awesome sponsors, Teradata and Genius Digital!!

  • Big Data Debate: Big Data Rules?

    Shoreditch Village Hall

    http://shoreditchworks.com/shoreditch-village-hall Big Data Rules: is Data the new Oil? Does Big Data require ethics and regulations, and what would these be? Big Data has been compared to the new oil fuelling an economic revolution. Any regulation may harm this economic potential. On the other sidedata monopolies, privacy issues, surveillance, patenting, medical and genetic data collection pose real issues to individuals and societies that mankind has not faced before. Can we balance the two? --- 6.30 - 7.00pm: Arrival & Networking over beer and snacks! 7.00 - 7.30pm: Presentations (Pearson and Splunk) 7.30 - 8.30pm: Panel Discussion • Moderator: Christian Prokopp (@prokopp) (https://twitter.com/prokopp) Data Scientist at Rangespan Ltd. • Sean Owen, Director of Data Science, Cloudera • Duncan Ross (@duncan3ross (https://twitter.com/duncan3ross)), Director of Data Science, Teradata • Francine Bennett (@fhr (https://twitter.com/fhr)), CEO and Co-Founder, Mastodon C • John Burn-Murdoch (@jburnmurdoch) (https://twitter.com/jburnmurdoch) Data Journalist at the Financial Times • Paul Miller (@PaulMiller (https://twitter.com/PaulMiller)) Gigaom Research Analyst. 8.30 - 9.30pm: Networking, LOTS of pizza & drinks thanks to our awesome sponsors (Teradata, Splunk and Cloudera!) --- PS: Start gearing up for our April event:'Big Data in Media' - moderated by Charles Arthur (@charlesarthur). The Guardian's Technology editor!

  • Big Data Debate: The Controversial Questions

    Google Campus - Ground Floor

    Everything you always wanted to know about big data but were too afraid to ask. Controversial questions will be explored, analyzed and pulled apart by our panel of highly qualified experts. Agenda 6:30pm: Drinks & canapés 6:45pm-7:15pm: Lightning Talks 7:15pm-7:30pm: Break for drinks 7:30pm-8:30pm: Panel 8:30pm-9:00pm: Reception Thanks to our sponsors: Teradata, KPMG and Claritize! Panel Christian Prokopp (Moderator), PhD, is a Data Scientist at Rangespan (http://www.rangespan.com/) with a focus on scalable data mining and data architecture. He also writes as a data journalist and technical writer in his spare time. You can follow him on @prokopp (https://twitter.com/prokopp)and http://www.semantikoz.com/blog/ Paul Bradshaw was named one of the UK's "most influential journalism bloggers" by UK Press Gazette, "The UK's Jeff Jarvis" by The Telegraph's Shane Richmond and "The English village Jay Rosen" by Ben Goldacre. You can follow him on @paulbradshaw (https://twitter.com/paulbradshaw) and https://leanpub.com/u/paulbradshaw Duncan Ross is the Director Data Science at Teradata, with a remit across all industries and the entire international region (EMEA and APAC). Prior to this he was at Experian UK as their Data Director, where (amongst other things) he developed their strategic Data Council. Duncan is strongly involved with the data philanthropy movement, and is one of the founder Directors of DataKind UK (www.datakind.org.uk). You can follow him @duncan3ross (https://twitter.com/duncan3ross) and www.teradata.com (http://www.teradata.com/) Daniel Hulme is the Founder and CEO of Satalia (NPComplete Ltd), a company that provides a unique algorithmic technology and professional services to solve industries optimisation problems. He is passionate about emerging technology and regularly speaks at events with interests in Algorithms, Optimisation, BigData and the Future Internet. You can follow him @TheSolveEngine (https://twitter.com/TheSolveEngine#!) and https://www.satalia.com/ Michael Cutler is the Cto & Co-Founder of TUMRA, a London based Big Data Science agency dedicated to helping companies gain a competitive advantage through the application of Big Data and Data Science technologies. TUMRA combines business experience with specialist expertise in large scale data analysis, machine learning and visualisation to solve complex problems. You can follow him @cotdp (https://twitter.com/cotdp) and http://tumra.com/ Andy Piper is Developer Advocate for Cloud Foundry, the Open Source Platform-as-a-Service from Pivotal. Prior to this role he spent 10 years working on enterprise integration and data solutions at IBM. He is a regular speaker on various topics, ranging from cloud computing, the Internet of Things, digital culture, virtual worlds, and social technologies. You can follow him @andypiper (https://twitter.com/andypiper) and http://www.cloudfoundry.com/ Enda Ridge is a Senior Manager in KPMG's Data Insight Services team. He has almost 10 years' experience consulting for clients in the insurance, government and financial services sectors and working in computer science research. His PhD used Design of Experiments for the modeling and turing of algorithm performance and its results were published in several peer reviewed international conferences and book chapters. You can follow him @enda_ridge (https://twitter.com/enda_ridge) and http://www.kpmg.com/UK . Will Scott Moncrieff has a specialised global business development role for DueDil which includes developing a roadmap for the company's international roll-out. Prior to this he spent three years managing development programmes in South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa on behalf of the British government. Recently Will has worked with government and commented in the media on data, transparency and privacy questions. You can follow him @duedil (https://twitter.com/duedil) and www.duedil.com (https://www.duedil.com/) + 3 founders explore 'What data means for their business?' http://lanyrd.com/2013/big-data-debate-the-controversial-questions/

  • Big Data Debate: The Must Have Big Data Technology for 2013

    Google Campus 3rd Floor

    The Must Have Big Data Technologies in 2013: where are we now and where are we going? With so many new big data technologies out there how do you know which one you should implement and which one to pass on? What is the future of Big Data Technology? Our panel of experts will duke it out as they try to answer these questions! Interested in pitching your company? Get in touch with our organisers! ----------------------------------------------------------- Programme: 6.30pm: Doors, Drinks & Networking 7pm - 7.15pm: 5 companies x 2 minutes to pitch Tableau Blinc Claritize BigStep Couchbase 7.15pm - 8.15pm: Panel Debate! Kathryn Corrick (Moderator) - (Open Data Institute) Michael Hausenblas - Chief Data Engineer (MapR) Christopher Osborne - Big Data Product Manager (AlertMe) Christian Prokopp - Data Scientist and Columnist (Rangespan Ltd, BigDataRepublic) Shay Banon - Creator & CTO (Elasticsearch) Kevin Long - Business Development Director (Teradata) Eddie Short - Partner, Global CTO Data and Analytics (KPMG) 8.15pm - 9pm: Drinks, Food & Networking Huge thanks to our sponsors: Teradata, Elasticsearch & Kusiri!

  • Big Data Debate: Does privacy exist in a Big Data World?

    Google Campus 3rd Floor

    Want to pitch your company? Email our organisers! --- Panel: James Ball (Data Editor, the guardian ) – Moderator Stephen Bonner (Head of IT security team, KPMG) “Privacy still lives - or governments and advertising brokers wouldn't be working so hard to kill it. Graham Cooke (Founder & CEO at Qubit, Previously at Google) "Businesses need education on how to collect data responsibly, how to inform customers correctly and how to action it appropriately. The role of the legal team will be to enable, rather than disable, because operating without data driven insights will be like trying to a find hidden treasure without a map. This challenge will become further amplified as multi-platform customer journey’s become more connected through the digitisation of connections." Luc Delany (Founder & CEO at Delany & Co, Previously at Facebook & Google) "Privacy has the potential to be stronger now than in any other time in history thanks to big data. We need the legal and technical frameworks to help people manage what they share with whom and when, but the the potential is 100% empowerment of the individual to reveal themselves selectively." Javier Ruiz (Campaigner, The Open Rights Group) " Privacy is required for users to trust systems, but it's also a fundamental right. Big data requires an update to our privacy models, but we should not throw away existing frameworks for data protection. Instead we should build and expand these with wider participation." Nick Pickles (Director, Big Brother Watch) "Privacy doesn't just protect you from today's data uses, but also those we have yet to even imagine. Big data requires a fundamental rethink about how much data we collect and who controls what happens to it. The danger is that if we continue down the current path, the control rests with a few multinational companies - who are free to exploit all the value and exert a huge degree of influence on the decisions we make in our everyday lives." Francis Aldhouse (Consultant at Bird & Bird, awarded a CBE in recognition for his work over the past 21 years - expert on data protection.) "Privacy and Data Protection are fundamental rights in the European Union, but so are freedom of thought, conscience and religion, freedom of expression and the right to conduct a business. Nor should we forget the need for a wide-range of information to secure a flourishing democracy. The difficult problem is deciding which right will prevail in any particular case – a matter best left to the judges." --- Programme: 6.30pm: Doors 7pm - 7.15pm: 5 companies x 2 minutes to pitch 7.15pm - 8.15pm: Panel Debate! 8.15pm - 9pm: Drinks, Networking and Fun provided by Bird & Bird, import.io and KPMG