Big Data Bristol Evening Session

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Following our first social get together, we are very pleased to annouce our first talk, an accessible introduction and overview of Big Data technologies and their benefits: -

Speaker: John Sandall

Big Data 101: Volume, velocity and variety for the uninitiated

Is #BigData just a buzzword, or can the technology live up to the hype? The Big Data ecosystem can seem confusing and impenetrable to newcomers with a bewildering array of proprietary and open-source tools. We'll begin by setting the stage for big data, understanding what exactly has changed over the last decade, the exponential proliferation of data sources, and the consequent evolution of tools to analyse ever-growing data sets. We'll then dive into the fundamentals of big data systems covering technologies such as distributed architectures, Hadoop, MapReduce and Hive in-depth before exploring the dizzying landscape of big data tools, with examples and case studies to illustrate the way.


John Sandall runs a Bristol-based data consultancy offering data science, engineering, machine learning and other AI-related services as well as bespoke training. In April 2017 he created in order to predict the UK General Election using open data and advanced modelling techniques. Previously he was Lead Data Scientist at mobile ticketing startup YPlan, quantitative analyst at Apple, strategy/tech lead for non-profit startup STIR Education, co-founder of an ed-tech startup, and got hooked by specialising in computational genomics at Imperial College London. For more information please visit or follow him on Twitter @john_sandall (