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No need for superfluous crowds or fluff here. Our group is for subject matter experts that seek more than the daily grind (yet we're still on it). This group's focus is on gathering the best technically sound and creative minds in San Antonio, TX, pertaining to new and innovative concepts of global, corporate enterprise; from back-end to front-end creation and implementation to global monetization.

Changemakers focus on internet morphosis and beyond. Requirements: #1) Integrity (without it, there's no need to continue reading--seriously), #2) Top-notch skills (in your respective area), #3) Passion (love what you do), #4) Creativity (thinking outside the box), #5) Excellence (do you settle or strive for perfection?), #6) Tenacity (the undying effort to find a way to NOT say "no") and lastly #7) Team Focused (can you play with others for the greater good?). If you seek more from life and know you're at the top of your game or ascending to it--this is your Meetup. Assuredly.

Whether you are making six-figures or no figures, if you indeed have an innovative and truly refined talent, come see what we're about.

Changemakers Needed:

Back-end relational databasing, programming (Java, Python, C, C#, C++, Ruby, Objective-C, PHP, etc.), software engineers, platform/enterprise network design, hackers (both ethical and blackhat red teamers), front-end web design and development, graphic design, SEO, location/GPS programming, social coding, social media marketing, mobile app development (iOS/Android), mobile monetization, creative marketing and sales, tech legal, corporate attorney, tech startup attorney, tech policy, program management, network virtualization, systems security engineering, IT/SysAdmin, requirements specialist, contracting, geographer, tech journalism, video compression, analytics engineer, creative payment processing (mobile/pc), etc.

Please, no beginners/amateurs--experienced technical professionals only.

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