Bike, Canoe and Walk total of 10 miles for fun and charity, canoes supplied!

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Marshalton Inn

1300 West Strasburg Road · West Chester, PA

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I drive a red and white Dodge Charger with Florida Tags, or text me at four eight four 757 eighty eight twelve or best yet post on here message me on here, by clicking my profile then hitting the dialog box. I am in 942 am wave, team "meetup"

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The Event

The start and finish lines are in front of the West Bradford Fire House and the Marshalton Inn, outside of West Chester, Chester County Pennsylvania. Racers will travel a total of 10 miles over the course. Participants pedal the first leg (a 2.3 mile bike race), paddle the second leg (a 3.0 mile canoe race; two-person canoes require a partner), pace the third leg (a 2.4 mile fast walk race; disqualification if running during the race), and pedal the fourth leg (a 2.3 mile return bike race). Canoes are supplied-no outside boats or tag alongs on bikes.

The Marshalton Triathlon is Chester County’s premier community and sporting event that has flourished for forty years and counting. First run in 1973, it is considered one of the longest continually running triathlons in the country. With it’s first running primarily recreational for the patrons of the Marshalton Inn, the race has become an annual tradition for families and friends from all portions of Chester County.

The race begins and ends in the village of Marshallton, and participants race over ten miles of beautiful Chester County. The race includes bicycling, canoeing and fast walking. The Marshalton Triathlon has grown from sixty competitors, in that first year, to include as many as 2200 participants and a thousand or more spectators. A unique feature of our race is that it is open to beginners; with a shorter race course than most traditional triathlons, allowing the 8-16 year old age group participants to average 20% of total participants. The result is that our event creates opportunities for entire families to participate in the race and fosters multiple generations of participation and spectating.

The Cause

The Marshalton Triathlon is a volunteer organization, staffed by nearly a hundred volunteers that donates its proceeds to outstanding local organizations. Since 1976, The West Bradford Fire Company (WBFC) has been the primary benefactor of the Marshalton Triathlon proceeds, receiving over 500 thousand dollars over many years and 20 thousand dollars or more on an annual basis (28K in 2014). WBFC is staffed with an all-volunteer crew that is dedicated to rescue and prevention in West Bradford, East Bradford and Newlin townships. West Bradford Fire Company was founded in 1953, includes approximately 45 members and responds to[masked] incidents per year. The WBFC uses the Triathlon proceeds to help defray operational costs and provide financial assistance to members who suffer misfortunes as a result of volunteering.

A more recent benefactor of the Marshalton Triathlon is the Marshallton Conservation Trust (MCT). First organized in 2009 by several Marshallton residents, the Trust is motivated by the desire to see the Marshallton area return to a safe, walkable community and its rich history preserved. Marshallton Conservation Trust is committed to preserving the historic integrity and the quality of life in this very special area for future generations.

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When you register select "JOIN AN EXISTING TEAM" and join the team named "meetup"

Signup in wave at 942 if you want to be in our wave, if you a different start team still join our team, and post your start time on here in comments.

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We are supposed to pick up our packets the day of at the firehouse, and get there at least an hour early. Once again our wave is 942. I am doing event with my grandson who is 9. It is family event for those age 8 and up. You bring a bike and a helmet. Canoes are included, no outside boats allowed.

To learn more and see a lot of really great photos,

By registering and participating in this meetup and event, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the following statement:

I understand that bicycling, canoeing and walking involves certain dangers and risks which I am prepared to assume for myself and all children accompanying me. I will abide by all traffic laws and regulations and agree to participate in a safe and prudent manner. In addition, I agree to waive all claims which I, or any member of my family, or my heirs, executors or assigns, may have against this meetup or its agents for damages or injury sustained as the result of participating in the physical activity.


Text me at four eight four 757 eighty eight twelve or best yet post on here message me on here, by clicking my profile then hitting the dialog box.

Want some laughs watch this video of outtakes from the 2000+ entrants? HINT- don't stand up in the canoe, and don't leave without the second person.

Let's be safe and have FUN!

If you need a partner for canoe post that under comments and we will see if we can connect you with one! I am doing event with my grandson who is 9.

Register in May for best price.

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hopefully it will put you in our team (meetup). You do NOT need an access code, and if you select 942am you will be in a wave with some of the rest of us. If you want a different start time between 8am and 1pm, just pick it and post it on here so others know too.