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Familias bilingues, Unite! This group is for all kinds of bilingual (Spanish/English) families. Living in the United States, many families attempting a bilingual lifestyle experience that their children gravitate toward all English. This group allows families who want to maintain both languages to get together for fun events and also sends a message to kids that they aren't the ONLY ones living bilingually! It's normal, it's useful, and it's fun! YOU ARE WELCOME IN THIS GROUP IF: - If you speak all Spanish at home - If one parent speaks Spanish and the other does not - If you and your kids speak in English, but you would like to introduce them to more Spanish - Your kids used to answer in Spanish, but now they don't anymore - You don't speak Spanish but your children are in bilingual school programs - Your Spanish is rusty - Spanish is your first language - Spanish is your 2nd (or 3rd!) language - Spanglish is your norm! Esperemos que este grupo sirve para unir a nuevos amigos, y ayudar a preservar el aprendizaje de multiples idiomas en su hogar!

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Jugar (y bailar) en Sacramento Children's Museum

Sacramento Children's Museum

Doggy Film Festival!

Crest Theater

Jugar en Sacramento Children's Museum

Sacramento Children's Museum

Apple Hill! Short hike between three apple farms

Grandpa's Cellar

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