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Got no mates? Have zero social skills? Hate Backpackers and the Welsh? Me too... read on.

I aim to join 30 or so people, every 3-4 weeks, at the W market in Phra Khanong (3mins walk from the BTS) and drink until we all become more interesting, attractive and over-confident in our abilities to walk straight.

Real people do actually show up, check the photo album--don't just take my word for it! And it's a good mix of people rather than just sweaty old men (not like some other meetups).

Sun = Big yellow table in W District opposite Cheers 2
Rain = Under umbrellas outside Cheers 1

If you prefer to make a handful of good friends, rather than take down 3,000 names, add them on Facebook and never contact them again, then come and meet other like-minded travelers and locals, and share something special.


1. It's not a networking event so let's try and keep the work talk to a minimum

2. Everyone welcome! (no more than 2 Welsh people though)

3. If you act like a dick or bring drugs I will ban you

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Beers with Strangers: it's freeee but you have to pay for drink na ka 🍻💰🙏

🌞 = Big yellow table in W Market near Cheers 2 ☔ = Outside Cheers 1 under umbrellas Yet another drinking session on a Friday evening, with random strangers.. some strangers will become friends, some people will simply annoy you, but it's a laugh finding out which. What to bring... > Money - For yourself, all BNM groups are free! > Mobile Phone - So during awkward silences, you can pretend to look occupied when really you're looking at stupid cat pictures. Don't invite any hippy guys with dreadlocks, girls who wear those Thai patterned pants or backpackers who post inspirational travel quotes on Instagram after leaving home only last Thursday. So that's it, come and join in the Banter make some real friends and relax on a Friday evening. Line group: https://line.me/R/ti/g/GL5NGU5oXB

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