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Got no mates? Have the charisma of a yeast infection? Hate backpackers? #metoo

Every month I invite a bunch of random people to join an awkward congregation and have forced, painful dialogue with others they share no common interests with. Why? Just for my personal amusement to be honest.

God knows why but real people do actually show up. Check the photo album--don't just take my word for it! And it's a good mix of people rather than just sweaty old men, unlike some other meetups.

Backpackers with dreds and elephant pants, this group isn't for you--go to Khao San and slap some bongo drums outside a hostel instead. A bath wouldn't hurt either.


  1. Try to have fun. Keep your sob stories to yourself, we don't need any downers on a night out. It's not your group therapy session.
  2. No illegal stuff.
  3. Don't be a creep or a douche.

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