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At Bindupoint, we are excited to share Qigong, meditation classes, and specialty workshops for the benefit of all beings and for personal development. We believe that these hold key components for self-discovery and this is a congruent way to be of service to the community. Visit our website http://www.bindupoint.com for a full schedule.


$10 Meditation Classes when you purchase 10



2 Weeks of Unlimited Classes for $45


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Sound & Stillness Healing Meditation


Led By Larise Kia, A fusion of two polarities of sound and stillness create deep attunement (At-One-With), from point of where we are to what is closest to the source. In this class we will journey through limitlessness of our inner landscape of the mind, using chanting, Tibetan bowls, mystic drumming and surrendering to gong-bath meditatively. This will relieve tension, calm the mind and place us in a new space of reference point in relationship to all that we hold in life. For Centuries each of these practices have been used individually for attainment of higher consciousness. In this class you will experience how the two sound and stillness nurture your soul and bring greater balance within your sense of presence. $25 or visit www.bindupoint/pricing for class packages

Chakra Meditation


Led by Larise Kia, Chakras as vortexes are nests for consciousness to reside within. There are many chakras in the body and outside the body. There are 7 main chakras within the body connecting us to above and below as axis of our polarities that exists within the creation matrices. Chakras are multidimensional portals of light, holding multitude layers of consciousness, from what is unconscious all the way to super consciousness. Each class will hold some illumination of the components of a chakra, including a guided meditation in exploration of these portals for receiving alignment healing and wisdom. $25 or visit www.bindupoint.com/pricing for package deals

Inner Calm Meditation


Led by Larise Kia, This class is designed for all, beginner, intermediate or advanced, like all my other meditation classes. We learn to sit with what is and simplify the state of our experience as we progress to move into a space of emptiness. Meditation is our natural state; we just need to peel off the extra layers of resistance that we are conditioned to wear. A continued practice of meditation enhances relationship to sensations, and resting on sensations refines states of inner calmness, peace, and tranquility. $25 or visit www.bindupoint.com/pricing for package deals

Reiki Sound Healing Donation-Based Class


Led by Reiki Healers Brian Kukan, Nicole Marre, Minhdzuy Khorami & Sound Bath by Larise Kia Reiki (pronounced “Ray-kee”) is a Japanese word roughly translated as “universal life-force” or “spiritual energy” and the practice of Reiki is a hands-on relaxation modality that guides the mind, body, and spirit into peace and balance. As the body and mind settle into a state of relaxation, the natural healing systems of the body are activated, and the body can begin to detox and repair itself. It is important to know that a reiki master is not the source of this life force energy but is simply trained to tap into and direct it. Clients may experience a variety of sensations, thoughts, and/or emotions during a Reiki session. Common effects of the treatment include feeling: serene, supported, at peace with the world, empowered, clear of mind, and having a sense of overall vitality. Being that reiki is an energetic healing modality, the results of a treatment can often be felt for days or even weeks afterward, inspiring profound shifts in one’s life. These Reiki healing classes are combined with Sound-Baths. Variety of instruments and vocal chanting are used to amplify the healing energies generated, expanding capacities for deepening into flow of healing powers. This is a donation-based class, while no one is turned away for lack of funds, suggested donation is $20, you may donate less or more

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