What we're about

BioChanges is a non-profit, interdisciplinary community for collaboration between academic and private biomakers, design engineers, bioartists, biomedical researchers, fashion designers, entrepreneurs, architects, and bioengineers, interested in investigating emerging ideas, projects, and opportunities within the fields of biomaker spaces, 3D Organ Printing, synthetic biology, and biodesign-engineering.

Asssisting the establishment of BioDesign Studios and BioMaker Spaces at Royal College of Art and Design National University of Ireland Galway

Linked to external biomaking spaces such as BioCurious in Sillicon Valley, LA BioMakerSpace, FormaLabs, BioFutures and London BioHackerspace.

In the process of creating a biodesign or biomaker portal lab platform for desiging biology,


Past events (5)

BioChanges #5

The Royal College of Art

BioChanges BioDesign Innovation Event 5

Imperial College London (Huxley Building)

bioChanges #4 MIT Media Lab, Boston

MiT media lab

BioChanges- BioDesign Engineering Community Event 3

Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Imperial College London South Kensington Campus

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