Lose Fat, Less Pain, & Live Longer with Deepak Saini of Fit Body Health

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Work Nicer Coworking - Stephen Ave

#600 630 8 Avenue SW · Calgary, AB

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Down the street from the Globe Theatre and door directly across the street from BMO.

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Struggling with your weight, energy levels...?

Got joint pain, brain fog...?

Haven't had a good night sleep in how long...?

Let's change that.

Introducing Deepak Saini, a Certified Primal Health Coach and a long time (like near day one) member of BiohackYYC.

It's about time we got him up front to tell us his story and share some real life, practical experience on how he overcame some serious health issues.

Deepak's deep in the trenches of biohacking and just got back from the big Biohacker Summit in Toronto Oct 14-16th (https://new.biohackersummit.com/). He'll share with us what the buzz was from the conference and the insights he walked away with.


As usual, participation is free, & our venue is the Work Nicer Co-working Space (6th floor, 630 8th Ave SW - across the street from the BMO sign. See map at right.).

NOTE: Please show up on time too. There will be someone at the front door to let you in up until a few minutes past 7:00 (as the doors lock after hours).

If you're stuck outside, text me, Burt at[masked] and I'll have someone run down as soon as possible.


- The misconceptions behind weight loss.
- What the buzz was at the big Canadian Biohacking conference in Toronto, Oct 14-16th.
- Deepak's tips and strategies around anti-aging and longevity.
- The big breakthrough that took Deepak from 270 lbs down to 160 lbs.
- Deepak's three tenants - the three L’s (LOSE FAT, LESS PAIN and LIVE LONGER).


- Those who want to learn to lose weight
- Those who want to live in less pain
- Those who want to live life to the fullest and for as long as possible.
- Those who want to stay ahead of the curve in biohacking.


Deepak Saini is 40 years young, married and has two beautiful girls.

For most of his life, he was overweight, always in pain and constantly getting sick (runny noses, sore throats and coughs). About four years ago, Deepak took matters into his own hands, educated himself, made changes to his lifestyle and never looked back.

Fast forward to today, Deepak rarely gets sick anymore - and if he does, the duration is measured in days not weeks. He's lost over 100 pounds from his peak weight (270 lbs), including 40 pounds of fat in only seven months.

He has less joint pain and feeling healthier than ever.

And once Deepak learned what it took to make a positive change in himself, he knew he could help others do the same.

He's shifted from the corporate world to his own personal coaching business in the health, wellness & biohacking arena (www.fitbody-health.com).

Deepak's goal is to be a healthy and functional centenarian.


- Deepak's website: www.fitbody-health.com
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DSFITBODYHEALTH/
- Twitter: https://twitter.com/DSFITBODYHEALTH