What we're about

Biodanza is a system of human integration, i.e. a way of being the best we can be by tapping into who we are through dance and movement practices which helps us connect with our joy. We dance on our own, with different partners and as a group. There are no tricky steps to learn as all the dances are based on natural unchoreographed movement. I use an eclectic range of music which initially stimulates our vitality, creativity and playfulness then helps us to relax.
At the end of the session you feel as if you've had a work out but you'll also feel balanced, centred and calm..
As a system it's very popular in south America (where it originated) and in southern Europe (Italy, Spain and Portugal) and in countries such as Holland. Most countries in the world have biodanza classes including Japan, Australia and South Africa.

It will really take off in the UK in the next couple of years as more and more people experience it and feel the joy.

Versions of it can be done with children, OAPs, people with disabilities etc etc.
Come and give it a go...

Only £5 for your first session and you can bring a friend for FREE.

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